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Readers Respond: Must-Have Baby Products For Newborns

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Layette lists will tell you which newborn essentials you need to have when your baby comes home, but sometimes the products suggested by other parents are the ones that make life with a newborn so much easier! What are your must-have baby products for newborns? Share your favorite baby products that made life with baby more fun or convenient. Share Your Favorites

Aura Weavers muslin blankets

My son loves when I swaddle him in aura weavers muslin wraps. He sleeps so peacefully and good long hours when tightly swaddled in these muslin wraps. They are unbelievably soft....actually the softest blankets I have seen. Its large size (47" X 47") makes swaddling easy and offers so many variety of uses. I never bought a nursing cover, I always use this blanket for feeding privacy.
—Guest Christine

Must must have

A friend of mine gave me Aura Weavers muslin swaddle blankets(www.auraweavers.com) when my son was born. I would call them my savior because since 6 weeks old...when wrapped in these muslin blankets my son would sleep for 7 hours straight at night. I am a single mom and am working so for me my son sleeping for so many hours at night was a blessing. For me, its a must must have baby blankets.
—Guest Kayra

Car Seats & Strollers Plus...

Many hospitals won't let parents leave if they do not have a car seat. Make sure to purchase one ahead of time. Stroller shopping before your baby is born is another smart move. Other popular products include Medela breastfeeding pumps and breastfeeding accessories, the Beaba Babycook (healthy meals fast), the Nap Nanny Chill (for fussy babies), the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light 2 and the Mamaroo. These are some of Right Start's top selling products for newborns.
—Guest Lindsey


I found this wonderful site; they make traditional baby hammocks with 100% cotton and organic cotton option. Such BEAUTIFUL hammocks!! Totally replace your crib with this bed, it sets up in less than ten minutes and takes up almost no room. I live in a very small space so this Hammock is PERFECT! Baby Rise sleeps for hours at a time, the spring that attaches to the top give constant motion, like the motion he felt for nine months in the womb. I had never heard of a baby hammock before, this is a bed that has been used for centuries by cultures world wide. Once you start learning about all the benefits of using a hammock you will be truly amazed. Check out their wonderful site, it will be the best investment you make!

love love this

try this book for tracking feedings and diapers. Perfect since I am breastfeeding and using formula to suppliment! Recommended from my doctor. I even got one for my babysitter! http://newbornnecessities.tateauthor.com/

Moby Wrap

A stretchy wrap, like the Moby Wrap, saved my sanity (two hands and a sleeping baby!) during the newborn phase. They're a little bit finicky to get the hang of, but if you practice before the baby comes, that makes it much easier.

Car Seat Blanket

My favorite product was a blanket to cover the car seat. It was great to protect the baby and was really cute to. I got mine from http://avisiontoremember.etsy.com. Hers are for sure the cutest ones around
—Guest June

must have for new baby

i only used the car capsule for 3 months. it was great for getting the baby quickly in and out of the car during snow storms, but now it is almost too heavy. a camera was great too, but the most precious item we have is the sheepskin rug that my baby lies on every day. its warm, comfy and will also absorb sweat when the weather warms up. LOVE IT
—Guest alou

Favorite Baby Gift

My all time favorite baby gift was a swing. It really helped comfort my son. I don't know what I would have done without it.

Must have

Baby mittens for the newborns hands to prevent the baby for scratching itself during the first few days or weeks home.
—Guest Nellie

breast feeding

For those who are breast feeding, ive been told that breast pads are a must! The last thing you want is to walk the street with wet patches around your nipples.
—Guest to be mum


What about baby lotion, shampoos, baby soap? A camera & a car seat are must haves too!
—Guest Heather

Another must have

a roll of quarters for Dad to make phone calls once the baby is born! (some hospitals don't let you use cell phones and you might not have immediate access to a room phone, or they might charge per phone calls--check during your pre delivery hospital tour.)
—Guest Margaret

A Car Seat is Essential

Car seats are not optional where I live unless you're going to walk home from the hospital in whatever weather with a newborn.
—Guest Meghan

maya wrap baby sling

I tried a few different infant carriers. The maya wrap is the most comfortable!! I liked to use it as a nursing cover for those not so convenient times when your baby gets hungry. bellybathandbeyond has them at a great price.

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Must-Have Baby Products For Newborns

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