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Readers Respond: How I Chose a Cloth Diapering Method

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Once you've chosen to use cloth diapers, it's time to choose a cloth diapering method. From classic square diapers in waterproof covers to sleek all-in-one cloth diapers, every family has their own cloth diapering style. Share your ideas for choosing a cloth diapering method here so that parents-to-be can learn what works for others. Which cloth diapering method did you choose? What lifestyle or laundry issues played into your choice of cloth diapering methods? Did you stick to one cloth diaper style, or mix and match?

Check out Blueberry diaper covers

I am cloth diapering my second child now and this time have tried the Blueberry diaper covers. They have a snap-down rise in front to adjust from small to large. The material is the nicer PUL that is less stiff and the color options are wide. They have been working out well for us and no staining - thumbs up http://www.blueberrydiapers.com/Diaper-Covers_2
—Guest diaperingmom

Finding the right cloth diaper

A friend of mine found the cloth diaper that worked best for her baby by ordering a cloth diaper trial at http://www.diaperdaisy.com/ This way you can use a sample of a number of kinds of cloth diapers, send them all back, and order the type that worked best for you.
—Guest guest M

Better later than never

I was not expecting my first baby, and was nervous about overloading myself with too much at one time, so I waited until she was about 4 months old and I was used to the whole breastfeeding/going back to school thing before I started cloth. But once I started, I LOVED it! I started by getting a hodge-podge of pockets, prefolds and covers, all used, so that I wasn't investing too much in them but I felt like I was still getting good quality, and then went from there. I found that I loved prefolds and covers most, because at home or on the go, they take up less space than the bulkier pockets, so you can actually just have a small waterproof handbag for the soiled prefolds instead of a bigger wetbag for the pockets. But the pockets were great for nighttime, because I could just stuff two inserts in and not worry about leaks overnight. But it's so easy, once you get into it, that I really think anyone can do it, on any budget.
—Guest RedHippieMama

Diapering a singleton...

We've cloth diapered 4 out of our 5 children. #5 came along 8+yrs after #4. This time around our needs/priorities are very different than the last time. For the newborn phase we snappi'd prefolds paired with basic PUL covers. We decided to use organic prefolds & one size PUL covers (part of a hybrid diapering system) for the majority of day to day diapering needs. Overnight we pair prefolds with doublers & wool covers. We picked up a handful of one size pocket diapers for sitters and dad. When we have day and night long trips away from home we use environmentally friendly disposable inserts in the covers. All of our needs are met with a great looking and working system for the least $ spent.
—Guest Mom to 5

Multiple siblings in diapers.

We started cloth diapering almost 9 years ago. There were not the abundance of cloth diapering options available like there are today. We carefully made our selections based on our needs at the time. Three LO's, 1 girl and 2 boys in less than 3 years. We started out using sized fitteds (Under the Nile) for our newbie and one size fitteds (WAHM) on our older two (which eventually became all 3) with very well tested basic covers (Bummis & ProRaps). After about a year of diapering we found the fitteds didn't wash, rinse & dry as well as we'd hoped and expected. We then found pocket diapers (Fuzzi Bunz) and were awed by the trim design. We loved the ease of cleaning & adjustable absorbency pockets offered. DH and sitters really appreciated the ease of pockets as they were very similar to disposables in their ease of use. They also wore the heavy use for 3+ years very well.
—Guest Ella

Prefolds and Covers

I went with prefolds and covers because I knew I'd be bringing home a small preemie. She was 11 weeks early, and we knew she wouldn't be much over 5 or 6 pounds coming home. That pretty much limited us to preemie sized prefolds and covers. Even now, I mostly use pfs and Thirsties covers, and pockets only for overnight
—Guest Amy

Try a couple of everything

I was so confused when I first started out using cloth diapers and the best advice i received was to buy a couple of every kind until you see what you like best. With my first, I ended up investing in the one-sized pockets like BumGenius since they worked best for him but I also love prefolds. I never found all in ones to be absorbent enough and they tend to get stinky after a while. I used disposables at night with my first but with my second I have only used then when we are out of town. I love-love-love my cloth diapers!
—Guest cdmama

Choosing All-In-One Cloth Diapers

We used disposables for our first baby, but only because we lived in an apartment with coin-op laundry. My husband did like the convenience of disposables, though, so I chose all-in-one cloth diapers to try to make it as similar to disposables as possible. I think it's an easy way for beginners to get started with cloth diapering without figuring out a lot of supplies or pieces. When we're out of the house, I think we will try hybrid diapers, so that the insert part is disposable. I usually carry one bag for my stuff and baby's, so I don't love the idea of carrying dirty diapers around in my purse.

How I chose which cloth diapers to use

I deciuded to try prefolds with my first 2 babies and that's what I will be using with my "surprise" third baby a decade later. I am able to adjust them the best and I actually like using pins. I also use nylon pull on covers. They are inexpensive and work well. I do use disposables when we are going out - especially to places like the zoo. I'm so happy that we have a diaper store close by now. I'm happy to answer any questions I can!
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