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Readers Respond: Best Diaper Washing Tips & Detergents

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From the article: How to Wash Cloth Diapers
Everyone has their own special way of washing cloth diapers. With the myriad combinations of water types, washing machines, diaper varieties, and lifestyles, it's no wonder we each do the diaper laundry differently. How do you wash your cloth diapers? Which detergent do you think works best? Do you add vinegar, baking soda, OxyClean, or bleach? How do you dry your diapers? Share Your Methods

Detergent recipe please?

I also make my own powder detergent, but wonder if it will work on my dipes. I'd love to see what recipe you're using for yours!
—Guest Erynn

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Best Diaper Washing Tips & Detergents

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