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Gray and Orange Nursery - Paris Theme Nursery

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By Sisteroo

Gray and Orange Nursery - Paris Theme Nursery

Gray and Orange French/Paris Baby Room Nursery

Gray and Orange Nursery - Paris Theme Nursery

Gray and Orange French/Paris Baby Room Nursery 2

Nursery Theme

In true pregnant (read: "unhinged") fashion, I decided to DIY this baby room myself, down to the bare-bones details. Which means Husband and I have spent a good part of the last two months nailing, caulking, sanding, painting, upholstering, sewing, spray painting, decoupaging, and glue gunning ourselves into complete DIY exhaustion. The result? A darling French-style gray and orange nursery that reminds me of Paris in the Fall. I have some tutorials and fun ideas related to this nursery on my blog at www.sisteroo.com.

Nursery Furniture & Decor

All details, links and purchase information are available on my blog at http://www.sisteroo.com/2012/06/gray-and-orange-french-nursery.html.

For a few purchase details:

Large dresser and nightstand: 1960s antique pieces, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400 and Porpoise 790E-3 with Venetian hardware by Knobware

Bookcase: 1940s antique piece, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400 and Sparrow 780F-4

Upholstered chair: Custom-designed from The Find, Newport Beach

Crib: Baby Cache Heritage Lifetime Crib

Crib bedding: Custom sheets in Gotcha Storm Twill fabric by Premier Print

Table and floor lamp: French Candlestick Floor Lamp and Table Lamp, painted and finished in satin white

Lampshades: Basic white shades decoupaged in Waverly fabric print

Curtains: Hand sewn in Vapor Shimmer Satin

Valance: 1950s antique French headboard, painted in Swan Wing W-F-400, Porpoise 790E-3 and Sparrow 780F-4, and hand upholstered in Vapor Shimmer Satin

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't be afraid to try new projects! I learned how to upholster, decoupage and sew curtains since I couldn't find just the right items for the room. It was also far cheaper to do the projects myself rather than buy everything pre-made.

Heather Corley, About.com Baby Products, says:

What a beautiful space!

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