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Evenflo Aura Travel System Review

User Rating 3 out of 5
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love itMarch 08, 2012 By mom_of_g_and_a
i read 2 reviews and strongly disagree. we've been using this travel system for almost 21 months now. i walk a lot and due to our location have to walk uphill through the grass, on non-paved sidewalks, in mud and etc. the stroller moves great, never had an issue with wheels or, like others said, cheap plastic. i don't use the wipes holder, since i keep wipes in diaper bag. but there's room for keys or baby sunglasses underneath it. the basket is very roomy, i can load lots of stuff, even buy groceries. i don't know what people are dissatisfied with. i think it's a great stroller! i wish they had a tandem stroller!
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Evenflo Aura Travel System - disappointedJanuary 06, 2012 By caroleblack
Used the strollers approx. 6 times and the wheel broke off at the rear, causing the stroller to tip over slightly. On investigation the plastic split holding the axle - not impressed with the strentgh of product, but I noticed it is made in China. Actually, thought it was a USA/Canada made product. Also, did not get good customer satisfaction from Toys R Us, they wash their hands if its after 45 days and tell you to call the USA Evenflo HQ. Now being told it will take 2-3 weeks to get part shipped, now my daughter is stuck inside no stroller for new born
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