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Graco Pack 'n Play Sport

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The Bottom Line

Note: This play yard is no longer available in stores.

Graco Pack 'n Play Sport is a must-have for outdoorsy families and those who travel often with baby. Pack 'n Play Sport functions as a regular playard, perfect for napping, but also features a tarp-style bottom and super-light frame that make this product incredibly versatile and useful indoors and out.

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  • Tarp-style bottom is perfect for outdoor use.
  • Sun shade and mesh sides keep baby cool.
  • Quick to set up and take down.
  • Lighter and easier to carry than other playards.


  • 30-pound weight limit could mean shorter useful product life if you have larger toddlers.


  • Lightweight aluminum-framed playard for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Features an adjustable sunshade and plenty of storage pockets.
  • Tarp bottom makes this playard useful (and water-resistant) on any terrain.

Guide Review - Graco Pack 'n Play Sport

Weighing in at less than 12 pounds, the Graco Pack 'n Play Sport makes it much easier for parents to travel with a playard than ever before. This playard is incredibly easy to set up and take down. The locking handles are simple to use and don't require the brute strength that some models do to lock the playard's aluminum frame safely together. The adjustable sun canopy keeps baby cool in the shade and provides SPF 50 sun protection. My favorite feature of the Graco Pack 'n Play Sport is the bottom, which is made of tarp plastic (the top, where baby plays, is a softer, water-resistant fabric). The sturdy tarp bottom allows the Pack 'n Play Sport to go anywhere, even the beach, without staining the bottom or getting it wet. If this playard gets dirty, no problem! It can easily be hosed off and come out no worse for the wear. The Pack 'n Play Sport also has several storage pockets and a zippered toddler door that allows the playard to be used as a toddler playhouse of sorts. The attractive rounded shape of this playard seems to take up less room than some other versions, but the interior still gives plenty of play or nap space. The ease of setup and cleaning, lightweight frame and outdoor adaptability make the Graco Pack 'n Play Sport a great playard choice for families on the go!
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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
WEll Worth the Money!!!!, Member ahnah74

My kids got in my regular pack'nplay with our 3rd child between their combined weight and the fact that they mimiced the baby as he shook the side, they broke the regular pack'nplay. My sister told me about this play yard 4 yrs. ago and after looking at it online, I found and bought it. I don't worry about the 30lb. weight limit because the bottom of it sits directly on the ground instead of up on legs. It has been a real treasure to take to the beach and i love how light it is. We use it outside in our back yard too. my older kids love how easy it is to put up or take down. it's big enough that if i want one of the other kids to play with the baby at least 2 of them can sit in the play pen with her and because it sits flat on the ground I don't worry about a weight limit. I have 6 kids ages 12-1yrs. and they all love it, play in it, use it as a tent. They love the zippered crawl through door. I have even bought a replacement sun shade for this from Graco. so if you can find it, buy it, it is well worth the money.

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