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Britax Vigour Reversible Stroller and Travel System

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Britax Vigour Stroller
Britax USA. Used with permission.

The Bottom Line

The Britax Vigour offers many of the features of high-end reversible strollers at a great price, with the added convenience of working nicely with the Britax Companion infant car seat. This stroller handles very well on almost any terrain, adjusts easily to fit babies of all sizes, and has plenty of convenience features for parents, such as adjustable handlebars, an oversize basket, simple folding and a one-step rear brake.
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  • Great maneuverability with locking front wheels and all-wheel suspension.
  • Reversible seat with infinite recline positions.
  • Works as a travel system with the popular Britax Companion infant car seat.


  • Somewhat heavy at almost 30 lbs., but average for a travel system stroller.


  • Four-wheel stroller with a reversible, removable seat.
  • Can be used to carry a Britax Companion infant car seat.
  • Approximate retail price is $350.
  • Child weight limit is 40 pounds.

Guide Review - Britax Vigour Reversible Stroller and Travel System

Fans of the popular Britax Companion infant car seat have asked for a great stroller to go with their infant seats for a long time, and Britax has a winning travel system combination with the new Vigour stroller. The Vigour stroller combines great maneuverability with plenty of convenience features, like easy folding, adjustable handles, a good size basket, reclining seat, and an easy to use rear brake. At nearly 30 pounds, the Britax Vigour stroller is a little heavy, but Britax isn't billing this as a lightweight stroller, and it's about average in weight when compared to many other travel system strollers. One of the best features of the Britax Vigour stroller is the reversible, removable seat, which is usually only found on strollers that cost much more than the $350 suggested price for the Vigour. The stroller frame can be folded with or without the seat attached. The front wheels swivel nicely, but also can be locked for rougher terrain. Britax is known for attractive baby gear, and the Vigour is no exception. The stroller is available in sleek black, classic blue or a gorgeous plum shade.
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