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BuggyGuard Stroller Lock Review

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BuggyGuard Stroller Lock
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BuggyGuard Stroller Lock Features and Use

The BuggyGuard is a retractable stroller lock with a plastic housing and a 4-foot metal cable that you use to prevent someone from stealing your stroller. It sells for $15 to $20.

The lock housing measures 3 inches by 4 inches and is just under an inch thick. The housing is shaped like an animal - panda, monkey, hippo and pig versions are available - and the metal lock cable comes out of the top of the animal's ear. There's a button to control the retraction of the cable below the ear on the right, and a tiny button to reset the combination also on the right. On the left, below the ear, there's another button that releases the lock when you've entered the correct combination.

The combination part of the lock is on the back, and requires four numbers to work. The numbers are entered on individual dials.

To use the BuggyGuard, you wrap the metal cable around the stroller's handle bar, and then loop it through the wheel or around another object, such as a light pole or bike rack. Looping the cable through the stroller's wheel will prevent anyone from walking away with the stroller easily, though it would still be possible to put the whole stroller into the back of a large vehicle. Once the cable is routed correctly, you push the cable end into the other side of the housing until it locks. Then you change the numbers on the combination portion so it can't be unlocked again until you're ready to go.

To unlock the stroller, you enter the correct combination and press the button below the locking end of the cable to release. The cable can be easily retracted for storage by pushing the button on the opposite side of the housing.

The BuggyGuard comes with a Velcro loop and plastic piece that can wrap around the stroller handle or frame to store the lock.

What I Like About BuggyGuard Stroller Lock

The whole premise of the product is fantastic. Strollers can be incredibly expensive these days! In a world where strollers regularly cost $300 to $500 dollars, and there's a very active market for good used strollers, you can see how stroller theft becomes a bigger problem. If I had one of those new $1600 Bugaboo Donkey strollers, I'd lock that bad boy up every time I turned my back on it!

The BuggyGuard solves a problem and does it well. The lock is about palm-sized and is easy to carry with you in your purse or in a pocket on your stroller. They've also included a Velcro strap so you can store it right on the stroller if you want to. Just remember that the Velcro is for convenience only, not for security. You still have to be sure the cable goes around the stroller frame to lock it up properly.

The retractor on the cable isn't super-smooth, but it works passably. It's easy to lock and unlock the cable using the combination and buttons. Changing the combination takes a few steps, and you'll probably have to refer to the instructions to do it, but it's not hard. The instructions are also on the company's website in case you lose your paper copy.

The price is reasonable for what you get. You might be able to find a simple bike lock cheaper, but those don't usually retract so nicely and store right on your stroller.

What I Don't Like About BuggyGuard Stroller Lock

It's harder to reach the combination to put in your numbers when you have the BuggyGuard attached to your stroller with the Velcro. I usually un-did the Velcro when I wanted to unlock the stroller so I could see what I was doing.

I wish there was a non-animal version of the BuggyGuard. The designs are very cute, but I prefer a more grown-up look for the gear I carry with me.

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