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What is an Umbrella Stroller?


Question: What is an Umbrella Stroller?
Answer: An umbrella stroller is a lightweight, folding baby stroller that usually features upside-down-J-shaped handles similar to the handle on an umbrella. Umbrella strollers can vary from pared-down versions to upscale, feature-packed models, and the prices on these styles vary accordingly.

An umbrella stroller is useful for parents who travel often, as the lightweight strollers don't add bulk to travel gear and fold easily for gate-checking at an airport or on a train. These strollers can be stashed in a vehicle trunk without taking up too much room.

Umbrella strollers are also a nice option for urban parents who spend a lot of time in crowded areas, as they are much easier to maneuver around obstacles and through tight corridors than their larger stroller counterparts.

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