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Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Toddlers

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Two year olds are always on the move, and they're learning new skills every day. These toys allow plenty of fun to keep toddlers engaged in the activity, but most of them also have some educational value, whether they encourage the use of imagination, or build skills like stacking, counting and phonics.

1. Kid-O Bilibo

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You know how toddlers always seem to want to play with the box a toy came in? The Bilibo is the toy version of that box. There are no flashing lights or moving parts. It's all imagination-powered, which is perfect for this age and beyond. Bilibo can be used as a simple chair, or for rocking, scooting, spinning, wearing as a hat, hiding stuffed animals in or whatever else a toddler's mind comes up with. There are even little holes in the sides for fingers to wiggle through or eyes to peek out of.

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2. International Playthings Lift Off Rocket Toy

International Playthings Liftoff Rocket
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Toddlers can be sci-fi fans, too, thanks to this cool rocket ship from International Playthings. The rocket opens up to reveal three areas where the two included space explorers can play. A silly alien friend is also included with the set, as is a cute spotted dog and a little wheeled vehicle for expeditions away from the rocket. What rocket would be complete without a countdown sequence? Toddlers will enjoy counting down along with the rocket and launching new space adventures.

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3. Skuut Balance Bike

Skuut Balance Bike
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Active toys are always a good choice for toddlers, and this cool balance bike is one that can grow a bit with a toddler, for several years of use. The Skuut Balance Bike has no pedals - toddlers just push along with their legs, which makes it easier for little ones to get the hang of. The bike is lightweight and easy for toddlers to maneuver. Once they've mastered walking along with the bike, they can run with it, too. According to the manufacturer, kids who develop good balance with a bike like this will never need a bike with training wheels.

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4. Playskool Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds
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A toddler-friendly version of Mr. Potato Head is fun for you and your little one! In this set, Mr. Potato Head is joined by two friends (carrot and corn) and lots of interchangeable pieces so your toddler can customize the whole crew. You'll enjoy playing along with your toddler and remembering how mch fun Mr. Potato Head was when you were a kid.

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5. Manhattan Toy Count & Sort Farm

Manhattan Toy Sort & Stack Farm
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Three soft pens with flap gates each have a number printed inside. Each one has the same number of animals inside - one chick (in a little nest), two sheep, three pigs and four cows. Toddlers will love stacking the cylinders, hiding the animals, learning to count and practicing animal sounds. This is a fun way to help toddlers get a head start on math skills.

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6. Melissa & Doug ABC-123 Wooden Blocks

Melissa & Doug ABC Blocks
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A set of alphabet blocks is a perfect gift for a 2-year-old. Blocks appeal to a toddler's desire to stack things up and then knock them over, and then repeat the process. These wooden blocks from Melissa & Doug also have letters and numbers on them so your toddler can get a head start on reading and counting. This block set is the right size for making towers and other structures, and the blocks are a perfect fit for small hands. Best of all, they cost less than $15!

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7. Rody Horse

Rody Horse
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The Rody Horse offers active play for toddlers in several ways. It makes a great seat or just a spot to practice balancing. It's even more fun to bounce on the Rody Horse, and toddlers can even make it hop across the floor. A base is sold separately to turn the Rody Horse into a rocker. The horse is available in loads of bright colors, so you can find your toddler a horse in his or her favorite color fairly easily.

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8. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics
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Toddlers can learn letter sounds incredibly fast with the phonics toys from LeapFrog. This set has a base that can be used on the fridge or elsewhere, and individual magnetic letters that fit inside the base one at a time. When the letter piece is in the base, a voice sings a song that tells the name of the letter and the sound it makes. Toddlers love putting the various letters into the base and hearing the music, and this is a great way for parents to start teaching the child the letters that make up his or her name.

9. Discovery Toys Castle Marbleworks

This cool toy from Discovery Toys combines a building set with a toddler-friendly marble track. Once the castle pieces are fitted together, you can drop the jingling balls from the top and watch them wind their way around the curves and loops to the bottom of the castle, where they hide inside for a moment before popping out of the drawbridge on the front. This game can be easily be shared by more than one toddler, or kids of different ages.

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