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What is an ExerSaucer?


Evenflo Smart Steps ExerSaucer

Evenflo Smart Steps ExerSaucer.

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Question: What is an ExerSaucer?
Though most people refer to all products of this type as exersaucers, the name "ExerSaucer" is actually a brand name of the stationary play centers made by Evenflo. Other names for stationary play centers include baby activity center, baby play saucer and stationary play circle.
Answer: An ExerSaucer is the modern answer to a baby walker. Though some baby walkers are still on the market, they are becoming less common due to safety concerns. However, parents still clamored for a safe product that would entertain babies who were not yet independently mobile. Enter the stationary activity center, which features a sturdy round base with an elevated seat for the baby. They are shaped much like a walker, only baby's feet do not touch the ground, instead resting on the saucer's base. ExerSaucers and other stationary entertainers allow babies to remain upright to practice standing and play with available toys while taking in the action around them. Play saucers do not allow babies to move around a room, though. This eliminates the safety concerns present with walkers - namely the risks of falling down stairs or stumbling upon dangerous household items.

ExerSsaucer-style activity centers are available in many shapes and sizes and usually have an interesting selection of on-board toys to keep the fun easily at hand for babies. From airplane and bug themes to versions with symphony music and built-in picture books, there is an exersaucer or stationary activity center to entertain any baby.

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