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Baby Swings, Exersaucers and Bouncy Seats

If you're looking to soothe a fussy baby or occupy a busy infant for a few minutes, a baby swing, exersaucer or bouncy seat may be what you need.

How to Choose the Best Baby Swing
The swing was my daughter's favorite soother as a newborn. If you're considering buying a baby swing, here's a handy buying guide to help you choose the one that best meets your needs, and baby's.

The 5 Best Portable Baby Swings
Want a baby swing but don't want to sacrifice loads of space? These portable baby swings are smaller in size but full of great features!

Before You Buy a Baby Bouncer
A bouncer gives baby a cozy place to play and rest. Here's how to choose a bouncer that makes you and baby happy!

Before You Buy a Play Gym
Play gyms come in a wide range of prices and styles. How can you choose the best one? Here's a quick and easy guide to buying a play gym for your baby.

Best Baby Bouncers
A baby bouncer is a must-have for new parents. Baby bouncers allow you to put baby down for a few minutes so you can get things done. Baby can still be near you, though, and there are usually toys or some other form of soothing or entertainment on board to keep baby happy.

What Are the Federal Safety Standards for Baby Swings?
Do you know what goes into the federal standards for your baby's swing? Learn how new standards improved the safety of many parents' favorite baby soother.

Top 8 ExerSaucers and Stationary Play Centers
A stationary play center is a great way for baby to stand up and build leg strength. Exersaucers and stationary entertainers offer fun toys and interactive features, plus sturdy frames and convenience features that both parents and babies will love.

4Moms Mamaroo Review
The Mamaroo from 4Moms is part bouncer and part baby swing, and it combines some of the benefits of both.

Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo Review
The Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo lets baby exercise those little legs in a fun, portable bouncing chair. Learn more about the Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo in this review.

Top Nine Baby Play Gyms and Play Mats
Baby play mats and play gyms offer baby a fun time even before he or she is able to sit up or stand. For a baby gift or for your own child, these baby play gyms and mats have plenty of fun toys for baby to enjoy, in a range of prices and sizes for your convenience.

Review Your Baby Swing! Reviews of Baby Swings from Readers
Whether you love or hate your baby swing, or your opinion falls somewhere in between, your review of your baby swing can help other new parents make smart purchases. Also, check out other reader reviews to see which baby swings are most popular in other households.

Should You Buy a Baby Walker?
Looking for a walker so your baby can cruise around the house? Check out this safety information before you buy a walker!

Fisher Price Baby Papasan Review
The comfort of grown-up papasan chairs has been scaled down to infant size with the Baby Papasan from Fisher-Price. Is this bouncy chair alternative worth the extra cost? A review of the Fisher Price Baby Papasan from your Guide.

What is an Exersaucer?
Is an exersaucer a baby product or some kind of UFO? Learn about the exersaucer, a stationary activity center for babies, in this quick exersaucer primer.

AAP - Baby Walkers are Dangerous!
The American Academy of Pediatrics weighs in on baby walkers and why AAP members feel parents should not allow their babies to use them.

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