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Hawaii Child Safety Seat and Seat Belt Laws


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Hawaii state law requires that all children under age four be restrained in a federally approved child safety seat. A new law, in effect as of January 1, 2007, requires that children ages four through seven ride in a booster seat or car seat any time they are in a vehicle. The only exceptions are for children taller than 4'9" or those riding in vehicles with lap-only seatbelts in rear seats.

Hawaii's new law advises that children who have outgrown harnessed car seats (usually those who weigh between 40 and 65 pounds) should use a booster seat until they fit an adult seatbelt properly. This usually occurs when a child is at least 4'9" tall and weighs at least 80 pounds.

Hawaii allows a $25 tax credit per year towards the purchase of proper child safety seats. This state is also progressive in terms of child passenger safety laws, requiring violators of the new law to attend a four-hour class in addition to a possible fine.
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