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Top 10 Round Baby Cribs


Round cribs are very popular in baby nurseries today. Round cribs have the same beautiful woodwork and rich finishes as traditional baby cribs, but the round shape adds a modern look to the crib. Some round cribs feature canopies and special panel inserts with designs that coordinate with other nursery decor. Round cribs can tuck easily into a corner or take center stage in the nursery. These round baby cribs, in a variety of prices and styles, will look great in any baby's nursery.

1. Angel Line Round Baby Crib

Round cribs can be pricey, but this pretty round crib from Angel Line has great looks for a reasonable price. Available in white, oak and cherry finishes, you can choose the crib finish that best fits your nursery furnishings. Many online companies also include the round mattress with this crib, which sweetens the price considerably. The 46-inch diameter round crib fits most nurseries, and the solid wood construction, caster wheels, drop side and two mattress heights add safety and convenience.
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2. M.B. Designer Furniture Round Baby Crib with Finials

The finials, or toppers, on the upright posts of this round baby crib are what sets it apart from other cribs. You can choose from regular round finials, or dress the crib up with teddy bears, bunny rabbits or rose balls. The finials are finished with the same creamy white as the rest of the crib. A drop side allows you easy access to the baby. Turned spindles on the crib's round sides echo the look of classic furniture, making this crib heirloom quality.
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3. All Things Creative Jungle Fun Round Baby Crib

Jungle and palm tree themes are great choices for gender neutral nurseries, and this jungle-themed round baby crib is a great piece to set the tone for such a nursery. With an elegant palm tree painted on the front drop-side panel and rich tan accents on the pale cream finish, this crib looks great with the coordinating round crib bedding (sold separately) or with jungle-themed crib bedding of your own design. The interior diameter of this round crib is 42 inches.
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4. Little Miss Liberty Frette Round Baby Crib

This beautiful round iron crib has an elegant, old-fashioned look. The hand-forged iron canopy has graceful curls and details that add interest to baby's sleep space but won't overpower a chosen nursery theme. The round mattress comes with this crib, and the iron framework is available in matte white, , matte ivory, rust, verdigris, silver leaf and powdered sugar finishes.

5. All Things Creative Picadilly Cream and Black Round Crib

This striking round baby crib has an antiqued cream finish with distressed balck accents, including an attracted wreath and bow pattern on the front drop-side panel. Pretty pointed finials grace the top columns. The inside diameter of this round crib is a roomy 42 inches. Custom made when you order, this round crib is hand-finished and has sturdy all-metal hardware. Coordinating round crib bedding is also available.
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6. Little Miss Liberty Millennium Round Baby Crib

This sturdy round hardwood crib has options galore. Two drop sides allow you to reach baby easily, while locking casters let you move the crib as needed. A round crib mattress is included in the price, as is a unique canopy set that lets you decide whether you want the crib's top to be round, domed, pointed or columned. This round baby crib is also available in one of the widest ranges of colors. You can choose from white, natural, crackle, ivory, cherry, black and several other finish colors.

7. All Things Creative Circus Round Baby Crib

Circus-themed gear makes for a fun, classic baby nursery, and this round circus crib is a great centerpiece for a circus nursery. Appropriate for girls or boys, the circus round crib and coordinating bedding (sold separately) has shades of white, soft blue and pale yellow. A cartoon elephant balancing on a ball is painted on the drop-front panel, and a smattering of hand-painted stars plus circus ball finials add more color to the round crib.
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8. Spindle Canopy Round Baby Crib

This simple but gorgeous round crib has a canopy-ready top frame and classic spindles all the way around. A drop side panel, caster wheels and two mattress heights provide all of the convenience of traditional baby cribs, plus sturdy hardwood construction in an attractive round shape. This round crib is available in white, natural and cherry finishes, or in black finish for an extra charge.

9. Round Classic Baby Crib

The crisp white finish and choice of ball finials or ruffly canopy make this round baby crib a true classic. The front drop panel can be ordered with your choice of a cherub, flower basket, dragonfly or butterfly applique. Hardwood construction makes for a sturdy crib, and two mattress height positions make it easier to accomodate babies and parents of all sizes.

10. Little Miss Liberty Round Crystal Baby Crib

The rope-turned plexiglas spindles of this round baby crib are designed to refract light and give baby extra visual stimulation. Available in rust, verdigris, white or silver leaf, this round crib offers a sleek, modern look for your baby's nursery. The round mattress is included in the price, as is the canopy railing. Double drop sides make it easy to reach baby. This round crib is 45 inches in diameter.
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