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Top 6 Baby Cribs Under $250


Stylish baby cribs traditionally have an equally fantastic price tag. Thanks to a new crop of budget-savvy parents, baby crib manufacturers now make plenty of budget baby cribs that have all of the style and features of expensive counterparts. The only difference you'll see in many of these baby cribs is the discount price! If you're on a budget, never fear. You can create a stylish baby nursery with less cost than ever, thanks to these great baby cribs under $250. Note: All of these cribs have fixed sides to meet the latest crib safety standards.

1. Baby Mod Cadence 4-in-1 Crib

Baby Mod Cadence Crib
Copyright 2009, Million Dollar Baby. Used with permission.

Baby Mod is a division of Million Dollar Baby, a company that sells cribs in higher price ranges at specialty stores. Baby Mod's Cadence crib has all of the style and durability of a higher-priced crib, but it costs less than $250. Rolled edges on the front and back rail, plus curvy, detailed wood on the legs give this crib an elegant look. The Cadence crib is available in four finishes and has four mattress height positions. The toddler bed rail is included with this crib (it's a separate purchase for many cribs) and you can also convert it to a day bed and headboard / footboard (bed rails or frame needed).

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2. StorkCraft Venetian Convertible Crib

Storkcraft Venetian Convertible Crib

This Storkcraft crib has beautiful, classic curves and an heirloom furniture look without the high price tag. The rows of square details on the front and back rails add visual interest. There are three mattress positions, and the crib is available in several sleek finishes. This is a convertible crib that can be turned into a toddler bed, day bed and full-size bed, but the bed rails are sold separately. About $200.

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3. Baby Mod Modena Crib

Baby Mod Modena Convertible Crib
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.
Sleek lines and a smooth finish make the Modena crib from Baby Mod perfect for your minimalist nursery. The crib sides have classic, straight slats, while the head and foot boards are solid with horizontal line details. Several finishes are available, but I love the cool gray color as it's just a little different from most cribs. Four mattress support positions. The toddler bed rail is included, and you can also convert this crib to a day bed. About $200.
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4. Da Vinci Jenny Lind Baby Crib

Da Vinci Jenny Lind Crib
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.

A Jenny Lind crib offers classic styling, usually at a budget price, and this Jenny Lind crib from Da Vinci is no exception. The crib's slats are turned and curvy rather than straight, adding visual interest. Four mattress levels and caster wheels add convenience for parents. A conversion kit is available separately to change the crib into a toddler bed. About $180.

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5. Graco Sarah Baby Crib

Graco Sarah Crib
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.

Another 4 in 1 crib, the Graco Sarah crib converts to a toddler bed, day bed and headboard for a full size bed, but has a great low price. The roll top rails on the head and foot boards add a pretty touch, as do the curved corner pieces, while the straight slats look sleek and classic. The three position mattress support offers enough heights to accommodate a growing baby. This crib also has caster wheels and fixed sides. About $130.

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6. Graco Lauren Convertible Baby Crib

Graco Lauren Crib
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.

Available in three finishes - white, natural and espresso - the Graco Lauren fixed-side crib has a mission-style look with clean lines and a decorative back rail. This crib converts to a toddler bed, daybed and full-size headboard, so you can use it well past your baby's first years. The casters on the bottom make it easy to move the crib around when necessary. Three mattress heights accommodate your growing child safely. About $150.

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