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What is a DECT Digital Baby Monitor?


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Question: What is a DECT Digital Baby Monitor?
Answer: DECT digital baby monitors are slowly making their way into more homes, and at lower prices. Should you buy a DECT baby monitor, or will a regular digital baby monitor do?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications. It's basically a special frequency, 1.9 GHz, that is reserved for voice technologies. Other digital baby monitors might operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency. They're encrypted, so you have a layer of security versus an analog baby monitor, and the neighbors won't hear your baby crying when they pick up their cordless phone. However, there could be other devices in your home that use that same frequency that could interfere with the digital baby monitor. One common culprit? Wireless routers.

The uncommon frequency of the DECT digital baby monitor is its biggest advantage. It's really unlikely that you have other things in your home that operate on the DECT frequency. In a test by Consumer Reports, a DECT phone and a DECT baby monitor did not seem to cause interference with one another, though, so even if you have other DECT devices, you might not encounter a problem.

Should You Buy a DECT Digital Baby Monitor?

If you know that you want a digital baby monitor to take advantage of the security features, and you want to reduce the chances of any interference from other electronic devices in your home, a DECT digital baby monitor could be a good choice for you. Currently, there are only a few DECT baby monitors on the market, and the majority still cost more than $100. Philips-Avent was the first to introduce DECT digital baby monitors. Their entry-level DECT monitor, the SCD 510 (Compare Prices), starts at about $110, and they say it's guaranteed to be interference-free. Safety 1st now offers the fantastic High-Def Digital Baby Monitor Compare Prices) for about $60, which brings DECT technology to a much more affordable price range.
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