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Before You Set Up Your Baby's Nursery, Use These Money-Saving Tips


Setting up baby's nursery can be expensive. Before you start buying furniture, bedding and accessories, though, make a plan for baby's nursery and try to stick to it. Consider how long you'll really use the nursery furniture or accessories. If you think they'll be in storage in a few years, that may help you cut pricier items from your must-haves list. These budget nursery tips will help you find ways to save money on baby's nursery without sacrificing comfort and style.

Saving Money On Cribs & Mattresses

A stunning crib can be a focal point for a nursery, so it's tempting to buy the first (terrifyingly expensive) one you fall in love with. The crib can be a great place to start saving money, too. There are many budget-friendly options for new, attractive cribs. As long as the crib is sturdy and safe, your baby will sleep just fine in it. An inexpensive new crib is a better choice than a used crib, since re-assembling old cribs can lead to safety issues, and crib hardware can wear out over time. Crib mattresses are also a great place to save money, since spending more doesn't buy you more features.

Saving Money On Other Nursery Furniture

The full set of gorgeous nursery furniture is tempting, but not truly necessary. Those tiny baby clothes will store just as easily in a less expensive dresser, or in baskets or bins in the closet or under the crib. Adding a changing pad atop a dresser is a snap, and is cheaper than buying a separate changing table. You could also skip the changing table entirely and just stock a cute basket with diapering supplies and a waterproof changing pad. A rocking chair or glider is nice to have if there's room in the budget, and may be one piece to splurge on so you can get a sturdy one.

Saving Money On Nursery Bedding

When you're trying to save money on baby's nursery, skip the pre-packaged crib bedding sets. These sets usually include a comforter and a crib bumper, neither of which is needed, or necessarily safe for your baby. You can purchase crib sheets rather inexpensively in solid colors and in some very cute patterns. Some companies offer accessories like crib skirts separately, too. If you or a friend have basic sewing skills, a simple crib skirt is fairly easy to make, and offers you lots of style options for a small price.

Saving Money On Nursery Walls

If your baby's nursery-to-be is a blank slate, you may be full of ideas that seem like they'll take a big budget to accomplish. When it comes to wall coverings, though, you can make a big visual impact without spending much money. A fresh coat of paint isn't expensive, and can give the nursery the serene or cheerful look you want. If you'd like to work on a theme, wallpaper borders can be an inexpensive place to start. Even murals are within reach of most budgets if you can transfer sketches to the wall and fill them in. Some of the most amazing murals I've seen in kids' rooms were done on the cheap by parents.

Saving Money On Nursery Themes

It may be more challenging to put together a theme nursery on your own, but you might have more fun than simply buying matched pieces from one store. Once you decide on a theme, look for just a few special accessories for the nursery, such as lamps, rugs or wall art, that convey the theme. If you can't find something inexpensive, try making your own artwork, or purchase some stencils and transform an inexpensive lamp into a themed one. Be creative, and remember that your home will seem to overflow with baby and toddler gear in no time. You may decide to enjoy a minimalist nursery while you can!

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