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Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor Review

Basic Analog Baby Monitor, With Basic Baby Monitor Drawbacks

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Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor
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The Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor is an analog baby monitor that is commonly available at many discount and department stores. It's inexpensive and easy to use, but the same issues that plague many inexpensive baby monitors also tend to pop up with the Glow & Go baby monitor.

Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor Features

  • 49 mHZ analog baby monitor with two channels.
  • Sound lights that give a visual display of the noise when volume is turned down.
  • Battery and AC options for portability.
  • Digital room thermometer on baby unit.
  • Nightlight with auto-shutoff on baby unit.
  • Stated range is up to 400 feet.

What I Like About the Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor

With prices on baby monitors creeping up, I do like that the Safety 1st Glow & Go baby monitor is still holding steady in the $30 price range. Both the baby unit and parent unit are compact, so you don't need to devote a lot of desk or dresser space to them. The parent unit is lightweight and easy to carry with you.

The sound lights on the parent unit are bright and the red color is easy to see, even in a brightly lit room or outside in the sun. I also like the digital room thermometer feature on the baby unit. It's a handy way to make sure baby's room isn't too warm or too cool. The thermometer matched what my home's thermostat said, so I believe that the monitor I reviewed was fairly accurate. The nightlight feature on the baby unit is also cool. It shuts itself off to conserve the battery and so that you don't have to go back in and disturb baby.

It's nice that two channels are included, since interference with other household electronics is a possibility. It's easy to switch between the channels on both the parent and baby units. In my home, I didn't have any trouble with interference. You do have to make sure that both units are set to the same channel, though, or you won't be able to hear anything.

What I Didn't Like About the Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor

The biggest problem with this baby monitor, as with most analog baby monitors, is static. When it's turned on, there's a constant stream of white noise coming from the parent unit. It's not too bad when the volume is turned down, but if you crank the volume the static is almost unbearable.

The Safety 1st Glow & Go baby monitor does not filter out background noises. It's not an expensive baby monitor that should be expected to do so, but between the static and the background noises, you may miss some of the little sounds baby makes to alert you that he or she is awake. You'll hear cries and louder sounds, certainly, but probably not a sigh or something quieter.

Although I like the light weight of the parent unit, I don't like the cheap feel of it. If you carry it around very much, there's a good chance that it will get dropped or bumped, and it does not feel like it would withstand very much abuse.

The stated range is what you can expect in wide open spaces, not inside a building. In my house, I could still hear what was going on through the monitor at 50-60 ft, but the static did increase as the distance increased. This is not a long-range baby monitor.

The batteries on the baby monitor I tested worked fine, but many parents complain that the battery life is far too short on the Safety 1st Glow & Go baby monitor.

Should You Buy a Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor?

If you're looking for a basic baby monitor at a budget-friendly price with a few nice features, the Safety 1st Glow & Go baby monitor may not be a bad choice as long as you have appropriate expectations of what it will do.

The Safety 1st Glow & Go baby monitor is a 49 mHZ analog baby monitor, so you'll get static and background noise, particularly when you turn up the volume, and it's possible that you'll get other types of interference, too.

You may not be able to hear your baby's every breath with this baby monitor, but you should be able to hear when your baby is crying or making other noises that indicate that he or she requires attention. While the battery on the parent unit offers you some freedom, the range is not outstanding, so keep the size of your house and yard in mind before choosing this baby monitor.

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POOR design - save your money for batteries!, Member Africanincanada

I specifically purchased this product because I was travelling with my baby. It is one of the few designs where both the monitor and receivers are battery operated. I was on holiday for one month and the monitor was nothing but trouble. The ‘on’ switch is so sensitive and it switches itself on and drains the battery in no time! I literally had to change the battery 8 times in the month I was away and batteries are a lot more expensive overseas. It is an extremely poor design, one also needs a screwdriver to replace the battery and this isn't something I like to travel with when flying. An improvement on the design and range would be a good move!

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