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Recalls for Baby Products & Baby Safety Information

Use these links to learn how to check for product recalls that can help keep your baby safe and to get information on babyproofing and other baby safety issues.
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Current Baby Products Recalls
This is your one-stop source for baby and child products recalls! Updated as new recalls are announced, this list contains recalls from CPSC's Baby and Child Products section and their toy section, for your convenience and your baby's safety.

Baby Food and Baby Formula Recalls
Baby food recalls are rare, thankfully, but occasionally a batch of formula or baby food is recalled. This page will keep you up to date on recalls of baby food and formula to help you keep your baby safe.

Current Car Seat Recalls
When new car seat recalls are announced, they're added to this list, so you can quickly scan to see if your baby's car seat is affected.

What Should I Do When Baby Products Are Recalled?
Your baby's toys or baby products have been recalled. Now what? Here's what to do when the baby products you own are recalled.

Jason "Quit Bugging Me" Natural, DEET-Free Insect Repellent Spray
Looking for a natural, DEET-free bug spray for your baby or toddler? Jason "Quit Bugging Me" DEET-free bug spray may fit the bill.

What Is CPSIA?
CPSIA is a U.S. federal act designed, among other things, to improve the safety of products intended for kids under age 12. Learn about CPSIA and what it means for businesses and consumers here.

How CPSIA May Affect Natural and Handmade Baby Products
A new consumer products safety improvement act could have some negative effects on small businesses that make handmade or natural baby products. Learn why many small toy and baby products businesses are seeking changes and exemptions to CPSIA for handmade and natural baby products.

Selling Used Baby Gear? CPSIA Makes Selling Recalled Products Illegal
When the U.S. government passed the product safety act known as CPSIA, it became illegal to sell recalled products. If you're selling your baby's used gear, here's what you need to know.

How To Search for Recalls of Baby Products
Each year, millions of toys and baby products are recalled for safety issues. Help prevent accidents and injuries from unsafe products by following these easy steps to find out whether any baby or consumer products in your home are affected by a recall.

American Red Cross Digital Pacifier Thermometer Review
Pacifier thermometers are a newer way to keep an eye on baby's temperature. The American Red Cross digital pacifier thermometer looks easy to use, but does it work?

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Baby Monitor Cord Safety Tips
Baby monitor cords that are too close to baby pose a strangulation hazard. These baby monitor cord safety tips will help you keep your baby safe.

Antique Toy Chests May Pose Danger to Kids
That antique toy box may hold precious memories from generations of your family, but it may also be dangerous. Here's how to make sure your treasured heirloom is safe.

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