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2012 Readers' Choice Awards - Best Baby Carrier Finalists


Less structured baby carriers were the most popular among the nominees this year in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards, but there's a bit of variety among the carriers you nominated. After tallying up all of your nominations and reading the reasons you felt these baby carriers were the best available, I'm happy to present these fantastic finalists. Take a look at a description of each one below, and then you can cast your vote for best baby carrier.

Baby K'Tan Carrier

This wrap-style baby carrier is ready to wear, so unlike other wrap carriers, you don't have to fiddle with lots of fabric or elaborate wrapping patterns to use it with your baby. One reader said in her nomination, "I truly believe in this baby carrier. Some even call it the 'baby whisperer.'" Another reader said, "this is my go-to baby carrier whenever I leave the house!" It's easy to use, easy to wash, and the fabric is soft and stretchy. The Baby K'Tan carrier comes in 5 sizes to fit parents of all shapes, and it can be used for babies from 8 to 35 pounds. Average price is $60.

BabyHawk Mei Tai

The BabyHawk is an Asian style mei tai baby carrier that can be used for babies up to 40 pounds. Those who nominated the BabyHawk carrier raved about the sturdy and attractive fabric and said that it's a very well made baby carrier. They also mentioned that this carrier is comfortable and versatile, and that dads can easily use the BabyHawk, too, thanks to a unisex design. The wide top straps are comfortable, even with a heavier toddler. The standard size fits up to a women's size 22, and there's an extended size available with almost a foot more on the straps, so anyone can comfortably wear their baby with this carrier. Average price is $85.

ErgoBaby Carrier

The versatility of the ErgoBaby carrier was most often mentioned among the readers who sent nominations for this baby carrier. It is the most structured carrier of all of the finalists this year. One reader said, "it's durable, comfortable, and fits both my 5'3" self and my 6'5" husbeast!" Another reader really likes the way the Ergo distributes weight over her shoulders, and mentioned that she thinks this carrier is much more comfortable for her baby because it puts babies in a comfortable seated position with a wide support between baby's legs, instead of "dangling on a narrow strip of fabric like some other carriers." You can choose from the original canvas ErgoBaby carrier, or several variations including organic cotton, quick-dry and lightweight materials for outdoors, and various color or pattern accents to dress up a solid color carrier. The average price is $115.

Maya Wrap

The Maya Wrap is a basic unpadded ring sling for babies up to 35 pounds. It's easy to stuff in a diaper bag so you're always ready to wear baby, no matter where you are. One reader said in her nomination that the Maya Wrap is the "perfect carrier to grab when you want something easy to use for a quick trip." It's uncomplicated and very lightweight. Just pop your baby in, pull the tail so the sling is tight, and you're ready to go. Another reader mentioned that the sling tail can double as a nursing cover, so it's like two products in one. You can use the Maya Wrap for many babywearing holds, from the newborn cradle hold to the hip carry for toddlers. Four sizes are available. Average price is $70.

Moby Wrap

This wrap-style carrier is a long strip of comfy, stretchy fabric that can be wrapped around the parent and baby in several ways. Several readers noted the basic, attractive style of the Moby Wrap. One reader said the Moby Wrap is the most comfortable baby carrier she's ever used, particularly for the tummy to tummy hold. This carrier can be used for babies up to 35 pounds, and the long tails allow it to fit most parents comfortably. Average price is $50.

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