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"Made Here, Baby!" Book Review

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Made Here, Baby
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The Bottom Line

If you're shopping for babies, toddlers or young kids, and you're interested in buying American-made toys and products, "Made Here, Baby!" is a worthwhile purchase. The author goes beyond just listing the companies that manufacture in the U.S., including information such as where to find the products and what sorts of customization may be available. It's the details that make "Made Here, Baby!" such a good resource for shopping American-made.
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  • More than 400 companies are listed, which provides a good variety.
  • Good detail provided about the companies, in addition to contact information.
  • Multiple indexes so you can find the companies or products you want.


  • The symbols used for extra company information are a little confusing.


  • Author: Bruce H. Wolk.
  • ISBN: 9780814413883
  • 308 pages. Published by AMACOM.

Guide Review - "Made Here, Baby!" Book Review

When I heard that someone wrote a book about all of the companies that still manufacture baby products in the U.S., my initial reaction was that it might be a rather short book. For those of you who prefer to buy American-made baby products, though, I have good news. The book is not as short as you might think!

"Made Here, Baby!" was written by Bruce H. Wolk, and was inspired in part by his mother's work as a riveter in an airplane factory decades ago. The book lists more than 400 companies that manufacture their products in the U.S. The listings are divided into sections: Mom, Dad & Baby; Children's Clothing & Accessories; Children's Furniture; Sports & Fitness Equipment; and Toys & Games.

Within each company listing, there is contact information and a general overview of what types of products are offered and where you can find them. Wolk also offers an "interesting fact" about each company - these range from truly unique to simply personal notes about owners, but they're nice in that they do give a human touch to a company name.

In addition to the text notes about each company, there are symbols listed. There are arrows for companies that have products for older or younger kids, flowers for companies managed or owned by women, smileys for companies with a green focus, scissors for custom orders, stars for special needs products, etc. I like that Wolk was thorough enough to make these notes about each company, and I can certainly understand, space-wise, why he used the symbols. However, as I looked through the company listings, I often found myself flipping back to the page where the symbols are listed because I couldn't remember which symbol meant what.

The bulk of the book is the company listings. I didn't have any trouble finding products that I was looking for. If you can't find something just looking through the listings, there are several indexes in the back that allow you to find companies by state, by product type, in alphabetical order, or even just women-owned companies or those with green manufacturing practices.

As the title implies, "Made Here, Baby!" does focus largely on the younger set. There are plenty of options for babies, toddlers and younger kids. The sports, fitness and games sections offer some family-friendly choices, but beyond that, there isn't a lot in this book for older kids. For little ones, though, there's plenty! Puzzles, jewelry, clothing, cribs, car seats, pacifiers and more - all made in the U.S.A.

Overall, I think "Made Here, Baby!" is a good resource if you're hoping to buy American-made products for your children. It's obvious as you read that this book that Wolk is passionate about the companies he's showcasing, which makes the book fun to read, as well.

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