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BabyGanics Cleaning Products Review

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BabyGanics Cleaning Products
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Some cleaning products can leave harsh residues in your home that you may not want baby to be in contact with. BabyGanics cleaning products are made to be baby-safe but tough on your messiest messes. The BabyGanics line is also supposed to be more eco-friendly than other cleaning products because they use more natural ingredients.

The BabyGanics company sent me samples of a few of their cleaning products so that I could do a review. Overall, I think this is a very good line of cleaning products, whether you have a baby in your house or not.

BabyGanics Grime Fighter All-Purpose Cleaner Review

This is one of my favorite items in the BabyGanics line. The Grime Fighter is a spray cleaner for use throughout the house. The cleaning agents are listed as coconut-, palm kernel-, corn- and sugar-based surfactants. This spray does a very good job of basic household cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. It doesn't take a lot of spray to clean up mealtime messes in the kitchen. It is slightly less effective than other spray cleaners I've tried when it comes to removing stains (such as Kool-Aid) from the kitchen counter, but aside from that, it's as good as other cleaners I've used, but without the harsher chemicals.

The BabyGanics Grime Fighter spray cleaner that I tried was the fragrance-free version. It's also available in a lavender scent. I know that scent doesn't equal clean, but the spray I used has a noticeable "unscented" scent that I don't care for. The smell doesn't linger very long, but I think I would prefer the lavender version for my own house.

BabyGanics Grime Fighter All-Purpose Surface Wipes Review

BabyGanics did a great job with these all-purpose cleaning wipes. While I try not to use a lot of one-time-use wipes, I'll admit these pre-moistened wipes are pretty handy to have around for quick cleanups. The Grime Fighter wipes are biodegradable and have the same plant-based cleaning agents as the Grime Fighter spray. The wipes themselves are big enough (7"x10") to do the "wipe, fold, wipe" trick a few times to get the most cleaning out of one wipe. They're also pretty thick and don't tear apart even with vigorous scrubbing. They'd be nice to toss in a diaper bag for restaurant tables and high chair or shopping cart wipe-downs.

The resealable plastic pouch that the 25-count wipes come in does reseal well. A pet peeve of mine is wipes containers that allow the wipes to dry out, but this one has kept the wipes plenty moist for cleaning for better than a month. I also like that the fragrance-free wipes really don't have a strong cleanser smell.

BabyGanics Dish Dazzler Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap Review

For washing baby bottles and kiddie food containers, I really like BabyGanics Dish Dazzler foaming soap. This cleaner easily tackled and de-smellified a sippy cup of milk that sat too long under the couch. It also does a great job with hand-wash items like wine glasses (hey, the kids have to go to bed sometime!) and vases, and doubles as a nice hand soap that doesn't dry my hands out.

However, I wouldn't replace my regular dish soap with the Dish Dazzler because it's not quite tough enough for my pots and pans if they end up with much grease on them. After my husband's bacon-fest one night, I washed a pan three times with the Dish Dazzler and still felt like I needed to follow up with my usual dish soap to get all of the grease off. For less greasy dishes, though, I didn't find much fault with the Dish Dazzler.

Again, the smell of the fragrance-free dish cleaner isn't my favorite thing. It's the most noticeable on the Dish Dazzler of all of the BabyGanics products I tried. It's not overpowering or the sort of scent that sticks around, but I don't find it pleasant. BabyGanics also makes a citrus-scented Dish Dazzler that I will likely buy in the future for hand-wash items.

BabyGanics The Germinator Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer Review

I don't have a super-scientific laboratory method of testing a hand sanitizer to see how many germs it kills, so my review is somewhat limited in that regard. I tried out the BabyGanics Germinator foaming hand sanitizer, though, and I didn't have any major complaints about it. The formula doesn't seem to dry my hands out, and this is one product where BabyGanics got the fragrance-free thing just about perfect. After using the spray cleaner and dish soap, I was a little afraid to put the fragrance-free sanitizer on my hands, for fear of smelling the cleanser smell all day, but there was no such smell.

One pump of the sanitizer is just about right for grown-up hands, and the foam turns quickly into a thin, non-greasy liquid that is easy to rub in. The full pump is a bit much for little hands, though, so you'll definitely want to help out your toddler with the application.

From what I've read about hand sanitizers lately, it appears that alcohol is actually pretty important to effective germ-killing, so I am a bit skeptical of alcohol-free formulas on that front. BabyGanics Germinator hand sanitizer lists benzalkonium chloride as the anti-microbial active ingredient. This biocide is often used in antiseptic wipes, so it must work pretty well for that purpose. It doesn't appear to be organic or all-natural, though, which may be a concern for some families.

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