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Preparing for Baby - Products for Newborns - 3 Months


When you're expecting a baby, the products checklists can seem a little overwhelming! The good news is that newborn babies through about three months old don't really need that much stuff. You can get by with a bare minimum (your baby will never notice!) or you can add a complete lineup of luxury baby products. Here are some of the products for newborn babies you should be looking at either way. Looking for a baby gift? You'll find great baby shower and new baby gift ideas here, too.
  1. What Should I Buy for My New Baby?
  2. Setting Up Baby's Nursery
  3. Feeding Your New Baby
  4. Diapering and Diaper Bags
  5. Car Seats
  1. Strollers and Baby Carriers
  2. Soothing and Entertaining Your New Baby
  3. Baby Clothes
  4. Buying Baby Gifts
  5. Products for Parents

What Should I Buy for My New Baby?

For the first few months of your baby's life, you can skate by with the bare essentials or go hog wild and buy the entire stock of your local baby boutique. Most new parents fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, depending on their budget, the space available for baby's nursery and their lifestyle in general.

Setting Up Baby's Nursery

Choosing furniture and decor for your baby's nursery is a lot of fun, and there has never been a bigger selection of nursery gear to match any parent's style than there is right now. Here's how to choose the key items you need to set up your baby's nursery space.

Feeding Your New Baby

Before you purchase any baby feeding supplies, you'll need to decide whether you want to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. While some feeding products can be used with either method, many products are better suited for one specific feeding method or may not be needed at all.

Diapering and Diaper Bags

Babies require lots of diaper changes, right from the start. The biggest choice here is whether you'll use cloth diapers or disposables. You'll also need to set up a place to keep diaper changing supplies so you have what you need when you're changing a wiggly baby.

Car Seats

Perhaps the most important thing you'll buy for your baby is a car seat. It's one of the few baby products that is required by law throughout the U.S., so you will likely need to show that you have a car seat just to bring your baby home from the hospital. Car seat safety advocates estimate that at least four our of five car seats are used incorrectly in some way, and car seats can't always function properly when misused, so be sure to learn how to use the car seat you select for your baby.

Strollers and Baby Carriers

For the first few weeks, you will probably want to hold your baby constantly. As baby gets bigger, though, your arms will get tired. Strollers and baby carriers give you options for keeping your baby close while giving your arms a little break.

Soothing and Entertaining Your New Baby

Secret time - sometimes babies cry. Never fear, though, because there are plenty of products that can help you soothe a fussy baby. While new babies don't require much for entertainment, you may want to have a few small toys on hand to bring out for fussy times.

Baby Clothes

Those sweet, tiny baby clothes will probably start calling your name about the time you find out you're expecting. Babies don't really need a huge wardrobe, but that doesn't stop most parents from buying several special outfits for their new baby.

Buying Baby Gifts

Family and friends may want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with gifts. If you're looking for a baby gift for a newborn, here are some suggestions for fun or useful gifts.

Products for Parents

Why should baby have all the fun? Baby products manufacturers now realize that parents want products that fit with their lifestyle and fashion preferences, so you can have some baby-related gear that you're happy to use.

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