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Preparing for Newborns - Baby Care Supplies and Nursery Items

Are you preparing for a newborn baby? Buying a gift for a baby shower? Learn about basic newborn care items and the extras that can simplify life with babies ages 0 - 3 months.

Buy a Baby Monitor
There are dozens of baby monitors available to help you keep an eye on your baby, but which baby monitor is the right one to fit your home? This quick article will help you prioritize baby monitor features and benefits so you can buy a baby monitor that works for your lifestyle.

Buy a Baby Pacifier
For SIDS prevention or just for comfort, pacifiers are great to have on hand for your new baby. Choose safe pacifiers for baby by following these simple tips for buying pacifiers that soothe your baby and may reduce the risk of SIDS.

Pacifier Sterilizers - Which One to Buy?
Pacifiers hit the floor often, so it's important to sterilize them occasionally. There are some convenient pacifier sterilizers available today, and some that can sanitize bottles or other baby gear, as well.

Saving Money On Baby Gear - Share Money-Saving Advice For Baby Gear
Getting ready for baby can be expensive! Parents today have gotten pretty good at saving money on baby gear, though. If you have money-saving advice about baby gear, come and share it, or visit to learn how other parents are saving money while getting ready for baby.

Baby's Favorite Soothing Products
Does your baby have a favorite soothing product? Share your baby soothing ideas and photos of baby's favorite soothing product here to help other new parents find ways to settle their babies.

What to Buy When You're Having a Baby
There are so many baby products awaiting you in stores as you begin to shop for supplies for your new baby. Here's a great list of baby gear you might want to buy, and links to buying advice to help you along.

Basic Baby Needs
It's tempting to buy everything you see in the baby aisle, but your newborn doesn't need too much in those first precious weeks.

Products You Don't Need to Buy for Newborns
While it's natural to want to be completely prepared for anything baby could ever need, there are a few baby products that you won't need until your baby is a few months older.

Choosing a Coming Home Outfit for Baby
Tips for choosing newborn coming home clothes that will look great in baby's first photos and be comfortable for your little one at the same time.

What Are Your Newborn Must-Haves? Which Baby Products Make Life With …
Layette lists will tell you which newborn essentials you need to have when your baby comes home, but sometimes the products suggested by other parents are the ones that make life with a newborn so much easier! What are your must-have baby products for newborns?

Baby Gear You Won't Buy Again - Baby Products Buying Mistakes
Did you buy baby products you thought you'd use often that ended up collecting dust? Were some of your baby items flimsy, useless or totally inconvenient? Share the baby gear you won't buy again, to help other new parents make smart purchases.

Baby Gifts for New Parents and Parents-To-Be
From bibs and burp cloths to baby gear storage solutions, all of these baby products make great baby gifts. Many of these gifts cost less than $25, too, so you get lots of bang for your gift-giving buck.

Baby Plus Prenatal Education System Review
Baby Plus Prenatal Education System is supposed to help your unborn baby learn. Baby Plus babies are said to be more alert, more calm and better able to learn skills after birth.

Do I Need to Buy a Special Detergent for My Baby's Laundry?
Many new parents buy special detergents for their baby's laundry. Is a special infant detergent necessary?

Best Newborn Gifts and New Baby Gifts
Do you need to find a gift for a newborn? Look no further! These toys give tiny babies something cool to look at or touch, and will grow with baby, too.

Breast Pump Buying Guide - Choose a Breast Pump to Buy / Rent
Do you need to buy or rent a breast pump? This comparison of different breast pump styles will help you choose the breast pump that is right for you!

Best Organic Baby Products and Gifts
Many parents today choose to use organic products for their baby. Finding great organic baby products and clothes can be a challenge, though. Here are ten high-quality organic baby products that would also make wonderful baby gifts for parents who prefer organic products for their baby.

Diaper Cakewalk Diaper Cake Review
Diaper cakes are popular centerpieces at baby showers today. Diaper Cakewalk offers ready-made diaper cakes that are shipped to your door for the baby shower.

Baby Products and Gifts for New Parents
From bibs and burp cloths to baby gear storage solutions, all of these baby products are useful for parents of newborns. Many of these products cost less than $25, too, so they're great for parents or gift-givers on a budget.

Buying a Baby Monitor
There are dozens of baby monitors available to help you keep an eye on your baby, but which baby monitor is the right one to fit your home? This quick article will help you prioritize baby monitor features and benefits so you can buy a baby monitor that works for your lifestyle.

Poll - Do I Really Need A Changing Table for Baby?
Some parents say a diaper changing table is a must-have nursery item, while others are content to change diapers on a portable mat wherever there's space to do it. Vote in this poll and share your opinion on whether or not a changing table is necessary for a baby nursery.

How To Buy and Store Powdered Baby Formula
Powdered baby formula is one of the most convenient ways to feed your baby. Learn how to properly buy and store powdered baby formula with some quick tips from your Guide to Baby Products.

How To Prepare Powdered Baby Formula
Powdered baby formula is a popular choice for feeding infants under one year of age. Be sure you're preparing powdered baby formula correctly by following a few easy steps.

Avent Baby Bottles - Review of Baby Bottles from Avent
Choosing the best bottle for your baby is hard work. Whether you're feeding baby formula or breastmilk, you may want to give Avent baby bottles a try. This review of Avent baby bottles from your Guide to Baby Products will help you decide if this type of bottle is right for you.

Top Picks for Baby Bottles
There are seemingly endless options when it comes time to buy baby bottles for your newborn. Here are the top choices for baby bottles from your Guide to Pregnancy / Birth.

Babies, Newborns, Infants, Toddlers - What's the Difference?
Your child will always be your baby, but he or she won't always be a newborn, infant or toddler. Find out what baby age groups are classified under the terms newborn, infant and toddler on the About.com Baby Products site so that you can find age-appropriate products for your baby.

High Tech Baby Care Gadgets
From your Guide to Baby Parenting, these baby care items are perfect for parents who love high-tech gadgets. Whether you'd like your baby's wipes to be warmed or you want to use a remote sensor to detect fevers, you're sure to find a fun and useful item on this list.

Baby Announcements and Thank You Cards from KiddiePrints.com
KiddiePrints.com has a nice selection of cute baby announcements, thank you cards and address labels. Featuring cards for boys and girls as well as unisex cards, this site also allows parents to personalize paper products with their child's name. Announcements for twins and triplets, too!

Formula Info & Bottle-Feeding Advice from Dr. Sears
If you are considering formula-feeding your infant, use this comprehensive bottle-feeding resource, from well-known writer and pediatrician Dr. Sears, to compare formula nutrient sources, learn about soy formulas and other special formulas and who should use them, and figure out how much formula one baby needs in a day. Contains some information about how formula compares to breastmilk, too.

Tummy Tub - Unique Baby Bath Tub
This baby bath tub is unlike any you've seen before. Designed by midwives, it is said to help baby relive the cozy feeling of being in the womb. On the practical side, it also uses less water than standard baby baths and the design helps the water stay warm longer.

Self Closing Pacifiers from Stork Avenue
Pacifiers can be a great tool for soothing babies. Keeping pacifiers clean and sterilizing them when they fall on the floor can be quite a job, though, since pacifiers tend to end up on the floor a lot. These self-closing pacifiers have a lid that protects the pacifier from germs and debris when it's being stored or when it falls to the floor.

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Share Your Favorite Baby Registry Items
We don't always know which baby registry items will be truly necessary until baby gets here! If you ended up with some real winners from your baby gift registry, share 'em here to give other parents-to-be a hand.

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