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Baby Cargo 200 Series Stroller Review

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Baby Cargo 200 Series Stroller
2012, Baby Cargo.

Stroller Features

The Baby Cargo 200 Series is an umbrella-style stroller with a lightweight aluminum frame, sun shade, bottom basket, reclining seat, 5-point harness, storage pocket and rain cover. The open dimensions are 42 inches by 12 inches by 12.5 inches. When folded, the stroller measures about 42 inches by 9 inches by 6 inches. It weighs just under 14 pounds, and can carry a child up to 50 pounds. When the stroller is folded, you can carry it using the shoulder strap or a carry handle on the side of the frame. Since the seat reclines nearly flat, you can use this stroller for newborns without having to add an infant car seat adapter or bassinet.

What I Like About This Stroller

Wow! There's a lot to love about the Baby Cargo 200 Series. First of all, this stroller costs about $150, but has the features of a high-end stroller. The aluminum frame is very light, but it doesn't feel rickety, which can be a problem for less expensive strollers. The handles are high enough to be comfortable for average-size parents. Neither my husband or I are on the extreme ends of short or tall, but we both liked pushing the Baby Cargo stroller, and neither of us had trouble with kicking the wheels or frame while walking.

I really like the fabric on the seat and canopy. It's thick enough that it should be durable, and it doesn't feel cheap at all. The fabric is water resistant, too. The stroller box arrived in a rain storm and sat outside for a couple of days because I wasn't at home. I was worried that the stroller would be wet and possibly mildewy. It did get wet, but as soon as I opened the stroller, the water just ran off and the fabric was completely dry except for a few drops I had to brush out of the pocket. I don't think you'll need to worry about the stroller soaking through if you get caught in a rain storm! It's also easy to wipe mud or baby-related goo off the stroller since the fabric doesn't soak things up.

The basket underneath is big enough for an average size diaper bag plus some other goodies. I had no trouble fitting a diaper clutch, large camera, 3 bottles, a change of baby clothes, and sun hats for all 5 kids in the basket. That still left room for the pom poms and other assorted freebies the older kids collected at the State Fair. The pocket on the back of the seat is the right size for a cell phone and keys. It snaps shut with a big flap that keeps contents clean and dry.

Some of my kids found the puzzle buckle a bit tricky to work, but once you get the hang of it, you can buckle baby up in a flash. The recline mechanism is a strap on the seat back that you pull tight to put the seat upright and loosen to recline. It's very easy to recline, and a little more difficult to put upright (I needed two hands to do that when my baby was in the stroller), but once you have it adjusted where you want it, the strap doesn't slip. You can also adjust the leg rest so that it's raised for a smaller baby or lowered to allow an older child's legs to bend over the edge.

Unfolding the stroller just takes a few seconds. You release the lock on the side and pull up on the handles, then you push the foot lever on the back to lock the frame. To fold, you unlock the frame with another foot lever, then push the handles forward. The side lock engages on its own.

For a stroller that costs under $200, the steering is very good. You don't get the effortless, one-hand maneuverability of a $400 lightweight, but even fully loaded this stroller is very easy to turn on sidewalks and smooth surfaces. It's passable on grass, which can be challenging for cheapy umbrella strollers. Strolling on gravel was difficult, but that's not the environment this stroller was designed for, so it's a forgivable problem. You can lock the front swivel wheels to help out if you need to use the stroller on rough terrain.

What I Don't Like About This Stroller

When the seat is reclined fully, it can be hard to reach items in the basket. The rear brakes require you to put your toe under and push up to release. I don't like this style of brake release because it scuffs shoes and ruins pedicures.

The sunshade could be a bit larger, and I'd like for it to come down a little in front. My husband kept trying to extend the sunshade further to block the evening sun, and he kept pulling the back pocket portion over and almost dumping my keys out.

Overall, though, the Baby Cargo 200 Series is a feature-packed, smooth-riding stroller at a really good price. You can pay a lot more for a stroller that weighs more and takes up more trunk space. I like that Baby Cargo has included some high-end details, such as the stain-resistant fabric, at this price point. This is one of the best umbrella strollers available under $200.

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