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Products for Infants 3-12 Months


Buying baby products for infants aged 3 months to one year is lots of fun. Babies in this age range are learning new skills, learning to eat new foods and maybe even learning to walk. Here are the things you may need to buy in your baby's first year.
  1. Car Seats
  2. Strollers and Travel Gear
  3. Diaper Bags and Baby Carriers
  1. Fun for Baby
  2. Baby Safety
  3. Gifts for Infants by Age

Car Seats

Babies outgrow their infant car seats when there is less than one inch of shell above their head, or when they reach the car seat weight limit. Where baby's legs are in the car seat does not matter. Minimally, your baby must be rear-facing until at least 20 pounds and one year of age. The current recommendation is to keep baby rear-facing as long as possible, though, so you may want to look for a convertible seat with a higher rear-facing weight limit as well as a high forward-facing weight limit so you can keep baby in a harness rather than a booster as long as possible, as well.

Strollers and Travel Gear

Once your baby is out of the newborn phase, you may be ready for a lighter stroller. There are plenty of stroller options available once your baby gains some head and neck control. If you'll travel often with your baby, now is the time to check out some of the baby travel gear that may make your trip a little easier.

Diaper Bags and Baby Carriers

The amount of gear you need to carry in a diaper bag may change as your baby goes through various stages, so you may need to switch diaper bags to find the right fit. When you're out and about with baby, a baby carrier may make it easier to wrangle a wiggly baby and anything else you're carrying, and there are plenty of baby carrier styles that work for babies at this age.

Fun for Baby

After the newborn stage comes the smiling, laughing, tons of fun stage! The best toys for babies of this age are ones that allow some interaction between you and baby or between the baby and the toy. Play time is leaning time for infants, so look for toys that have some skill-building or creative elements to help baby's brain develop as you play.

Baby Safety

It's a scary world for babies and parents sometimes. Making informed choices on which products you buy for your child may reduce the chances of exposure to chemicals. Checking recall lists will help ensure that your child isn't injured by a toy or product in your home. Many other safety products are available to lessen the risk of injury to your child. It's important to remember, though, that the most important safety tool is parental supervision. I'd also suggest listening to your instincts as a parent. More than one child has been protected from harm by mom- or dad-instincts!

Gifts for Infants by Age

Buying gifts for infants is tough! They grow so fast at this age, it's hard to know what to buy that won't be outgrown in what seems like minutes. These toys are age-appropriate, educational and fun, and should hold baby's attention for a few months, at least.

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