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Frubi Shades - Baby and Toddler Sunglasses

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Frubi Baby Sunglasses

Frubi Baby Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Frubi Shades. Used with permission.

The Bottom Line

Baby sunglasses are often overlooked as a sun protection necessity. Sunglasses tend to fall off, get lost, break, or be thrown from the stroller and trampled. Frubi Shades make it much easier to put sunglasses on your baby, though. These baby and toddler sunglasses have soft foam frames, a Velcro strap in the back and polycarbonate lenses that give maximum sun protection with great impact resistance for safety. Toddlers will love that these glasses really fit and come in fun colors.
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  • Protects baby's delicate eyes from sun damage.
  • Soft frame means no hinges or screws to scrape or pinch baby.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant.
  • Fits ages 6 months to 6 years!


  • The soft foam may be extra-attractive to babies in the chewing phase.


  • Soft protective eyewear for children ages 6 months to 6 years.
  • Rigid polycarbonate lenses provide maximum sun protection and impact resistance.
  • Designed and tested by an opthalmologist.
  • Available in several solid colors and patterns for about $15.
  • Company website - frubishades.com.

Guide Review - Frubi Shades - Baby and Toddler Sunglasses

Years of sun exposure can lead to a variety of eye problems, from macular degeneration to eyelid cancers. Babies and toddlers are so often overlooked when it comes to eye protection, but their eyes need to be shielded from the sun, too. If you've ever tried to keep a pair of plastic sunglasses on a baby or toddler, though, you know exactly why most families skip the shades for their youngest members. Plastic frames slide off tiny baby faces and break easily, and the hard hinges pinch fingers.

Frubi Shades provide a much more durable option for protecting your baby or toddler's eyes from the sun. These sunglasses have a soft, spongy foam frame that wraps around baby's head, securing in the back with Velcro. The shape is perfect for small children, and the extra temple pads provide protection from sun entering at the sides of the face. The rigid polycarbonate lenses are the standout feature of these sunglasses, though. The tinted Ultraguard lenses give 100% UV and blue light protection and reduce infrared as well.

Babies and toddlers will enjoy wearing these soft, colorful sunglasses, too. The foam frames appeal to toddlers' sense of touch, and the wide variety of solid colors and patterns means there are shades to meet even the pickiest of toddler requirements. Since Frubi Shades fit children from 6 months to 6 years, the $15 price tag is certainly reasonable. The impact-resistant lenses withstand plenty of abuse, and the foam frames are surprisingly sturdy, as well.

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