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Top 10 Baby Gifts for New and Expecting Parents


These useful and unique baby gifts are sure to be appreciated by new and expecting parents. From bibs and burp cloths to baby gear storage solutions, all of these baby products make great baby gifts. Many of these gifts cost less than $25, too, so you get lots of bang for your gift-giving buck.

1. BurpCatcher Burp Cloths

Most baby burp cloths are just flat pieces of fabric, so baby's messes still end up running down mom or dad's back or on their arms. BurpCatcher helps keep new parents cleaner thanks to a nifty pocket that hangs open to catch more baby goo. BurpCatcher comes in three colors of incredibly soft flannel or fleece. It's a simple but ingenious product that works really well. At just under $10, the price is great, too.

2. DaysAgo Digital Day Counters

New parents often have a hard time remembering when they opened that can of formula or jar of baby food, but the DaysAgo digital day counter makes it easy to remember thanks to the digital display and simple attachment methods. DaysAgo counters can be reset and used again and again for almost anything around the house, so they'll be useful long after the newborn days

3. DigitSaver Door Knob Covers

It's easy to pinch small fingers in doors, but the DigitSaver door knob cover provides a cute way to avoid pinches. Unlike other anti-pinch devices, DigitSaver won't cause damage to door or hinges. It's portable and easy to use because it just wraps around the door knob with elastic. Best of all, each DigitSaver is made from soft polyester with a cute animal face that makes safety fun. DigitSaver also can be used to keep doors open against wind or forced-air heat, or to keep babies from accidentally locking themselves in a room. At less than $10, this is a nice budget baby gift.

4. Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions

Almost every new mother worries about how her skin will handle the stretching caused by her growing baby, so luxurious Tummy Honey skin care products would be a welcome gift for a mom-to-be. The Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions Prevention Stick and Butter are made with all-natural ingredients to keep skin hydrated and soothe the itchiness that comes with a growing belly. Tummy Honey Stretch Out Fading Stick and Cream can be used to fade existing sretch marks during and after pregnancy. Tummy Honey products are hypoallergenic and available in scent-free versions.
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5. Baby Everywhere Information Station

We all hope that no harm will come to our babies, but the Information Station from Baby Everywhere ensures that important information is readily at hand in case you need to seek emergency help for your baby. The Information Station has a white board area for note, spaces for doctor's phone numbers and medical information, a baby safety guide and a babysitter's area that shows parents what information they need to leave with a sitter. Available in several languages for about $16.

6. Mommy & Daddy Rock Music CDs

These humorous CDs feature original songs that teach parents-to-be about all of the unexpected situations they'll face as their baby grows. Volume one covers pregnancy and birth, while volume two covers baby's first year. Written and performed by musician John Harb and former Beach Boys band member Philip Bardowell, the music on these CDs is all original. This is a fun gift for parents with a silly sense of humor.

7. Mommy's Helper Stor-A-Stroller

The Stor-A-Stroller keeps bulky strollers off the floor of the cargo area in SUVs and minivans, making more space for baby gear and groceries. The woven nylon straps attach to the head restraint of the back seat and wrap around the stroller frame, hanging the stroller from the back seat. At less than $10, this is a great budget baby gift that is very useful.
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8. Reese Li Blackboard Bibs

These stylish baby bibs feature a circle of blackboard material that lets parents write their own messages or drawings for baby or make up silly slogans to match their baby's personality. The leatherette material wipes clean easily and looks great after lots of use. Available in three fun colors for less than $25. Gift sets also include a blackboard placemat and Crayola dust-free chalk.

9. Diapees & Wipees Diaper Cases

Parents don't always need to carry a big diaper bag around, and the Diapees & Wipees diaper carrier provides a perfect solution for those times. Just big enough for a few diapers and a travel pack of wipes, this sleek diaper case can be used alone or inside a larger diaper bag for extra organization. Need a gift for a new dad? Look for one of these minimalist bags in a manly pattern. Plenty of color and pattern options are available. Diapees & Wipees cases cost about $15.

10. Skip Hop Toolbox Diaper Change Station

Skip Hop's Toolbox is a compact, stylish diaper changing station that can be carried all over the house for quick diaper changes. Tuck a changing mat inside and a large changing table won't even be necessary, making the Toolbox an ideal gift for parents who are short on nursery space. The Toolbox holds up to 12 diapers, as well as wipes, lotions, cotton balls and anything else you need to keep baby smelling fresh. Available in three colors for under $50.
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