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Mabel's Labels - Personalized Baby Name Labels

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Mabel's Labels Baby Name Labels

Mabel's Labels offers fun, durable, personalized baby name labels.

Mabel's Labels - Used with permission.

The Bottom Line

Mabel's Labels offer a fast, cute way to personalize your baby products. From sippy cups to shoes and clothes, there's a Mabel's Label for almost any baby product. These personalized baby name labels make it easy to locate your baby's gear quickly so all of your favorite products make it home with you every time.


  • Stick-on and iron-on baby name labels stay put even through rough wear.
  • Babies and toddlers (and parents!) will love the cute designs.
  • Name labels make it easy to find your baby's items quickly, even among other kids' gear.
  • Picture icons make it easy for toddlers to recognize their own gear.


  • Industrious toddlers may be able to peel some of the labels off, though this is not a major problem.


  • Canadian-made personalized baby name labels.
  • Available with baby name and picture icon, and in several colors.
  • Stick-on shoe labels, dishwasher-safe cup/bottle labels, iron-on clothing labels and more.

Guide Review - Mabel's Labels - Personalized Baby Name Labels

Personalized baby name labels from Mabel's Labels will make it easy and fun to keep track of your baby's gear. This Canadian company was founded by parents who were frustrated by baby products that go missing after play dates and day care. From the Mabel's Labels website - "When our kids go to babysitters, daycare, and playgroup, their bottles, hats, juice cups, books and toys often get lost or mixed up. Our get-togethers always seem to finish with 'Is this your box of wipes?' or 'Whose bottle is this?'" To solve this problem, Mabel's Labels now offers personalized baby name labels in several styles. Some of the choices include sticky labels for shoes, iron-on labels for clothing, dishwasher-safe labels for sippy cups and bottles, bag tags for diaper bags and backpacks and name stickers for other baby products. Allergy labels and kosher products labels are also available. All labels can be personalized with a baby name and a picture icon, making it easy for toddlers to recognize their own items. Lots of cute color and icon choices make it easy to find something your baby will love. My daughter tested her shoe labels with a romp in a muddy creek and the iron-on labels with lots of stains and washings, and the labels are no worse for the wear. The dishwasher-safe labels work as promised, too, though my daughter was able to peel one sticker off of her sippy cup (this was a one-time problem). Mabel's Labels are adorable and durable and make a great personalized baby gift!
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Mylight for Nightlights, Member Mylight09

Mylights are personalized children’s night lights. Visit our website and use our unique designer tool to create a night light which illuminates your childs name. There are a range of colours and fonts to choose from, making each night light as unique as your child. They make a stylish addition to any nursery. Our son loves his and it has become part of his bed time ritual to turn it on, It has also helped him to learn to recognise his own name. Mylight is a small family run business and each order is hand crafted by us. Contact us with any questions; we love to hear from you.

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