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Top 6 Organic Baby Food Brands


Organic baby foods are increasingly popular nowadays, even among parents who don't normally gravitate towards organic foods for themselves. If you'd like to start your baby on solids with an organic baby food, here are the best brands available in U.S. stores. You'll notice that many of these organic baby food brands are refrigerated or frozen - many manufacturers are steering away from traditional canned preservation in an effort to retain more flavor and nutrients in baby's food.

1. Tastybaby Frozen Organic Foods

Woman feeding baby boy (6-9 months) baby food.
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One of the creators of Tastybaby frozen organic baby foods was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, so this company knows a thing or two about making yummy foods. A newcomer in the organic baby foods market, Tastybaby is available now on the west coast but should be coming soon to the rest of the country. Tastybaby is available in three different stages - 1 has single ingredients pureed super-smooth, 2 is also smooth but has more complex flavors, and 3 is chunkier and has lots of protein.

2. Plum Organics Frozen Baby Food

Plum Organics frozen baby food is designed to mimic what you might make for your baby at home if you were selecting your own organic ingredients and creating your own organic baby foods. After these baby foods are cooked, they are flash-frozen to retain as many of the nutrients, textures and flavors as possible. This brand separates its baby food varieties with a suggested age range, with smoother tastes for smaller babies and more complex meals for toddlers. Plum Organics are available at Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Central Market stores, as well as some independent natural foods stores.

3. Homemade Baby Organic Baby Foods

Homemade Baby organic foods are found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. What's cool about this company is that their Meal Integrity System, which tracks your baby's dinner from the field where it was grown to the kettle in which it was cooked, so if you're a fan of field-to-plate tracking with your own food, now you can have the same with baby's food. Homemade Baby has three stages of baby foods - So Smooth, Good Mushy and Kinda Chunky. This brand is also carried in Super Target stores.

4. Gerber Organics Baby Foods

Formerly sold as Gerber's Tender Harvest organic baby food, Gerber Organics recently underwent a re-branding campaign to let parents know right off the bat that these baby foods are organic. Gerber Organics are widely available in grocery stores and Target, Safeway CVS and Walmart stores, so it's easy for parents who live outside of large cities to find these organic baby foods. Gerber's baby foods are separated into age ranges - 1st foods, 2nd foods and 3rd foods - and are available in 26 different flavors. Gerber also has organic apple juice, infant cereal and toddler fruit snacks. If you're looking for a classic jarred baby food with a well-known brand name, Gerber Organics may be a good fit.

5. Earth's Best Organic Baby and Toddler Foods

These traditional jarred baby foods are readily available in many stores across the country, including Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores. If you prefer easy-to-store baby food in a jar, Earth's Best certainly has a wide range of flavors and styles to please your baby. From infant formula and basic fruit and vegetable purees to chunkier toddler foods and snacks, Earth's Best has foods for babies of any age. A new Sesame Street branded line of toddler foods even has organic cereals, pizzas and pastas.

6. Baby Cubes Frozen Organic Baby Food

If, like me, you don't have any grocery stores nearby that carry organic baby foods, you may want to try having the foods shipped right to your door. Of course, this service will add to your baby feeding costs - standard delivery fees run $10-$20. The food itself doesn't cost much more per serving than most other baby food brands, though. With some unusual flavors like papaya, mango and rutabaga, Baby Cubes organics may be a good choice if you'd like to expose baby to some exotic tastes.
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