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How To Buy and Store Powdered Baby Formula


Powdered baby formula is one of the most popular choices for feeding infants under one year of age. Formula can meet your baby's nutritional needs if it's stored and prepared properly. Learn how to buy and store powdered baby formula a few quick steps.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. At the store, choose an iron-fortified baby formula (name brands and store brands are both OK) unless you have been instructed by your baby's doctor to do otherwise. Iron helps baby's body make red blood cells and is necessary for brain development. Low blood iron levels in the first year of life have been linked to physical and developmental problems late in life. Always choose baby formula with iron unless a pediatrician tells you differently.
  2. Check the date on powdered baby formula cans before purchasing. Also, be sure to use the formula before the date on the can.
  3. At home, store the unopened baby formula cans at room temperature. Don't use the formula if the cans have been frozen or exposed to very high temperatures.
  4. Once a can of powdered baby formula is opened, store it in a cool, dry place. Always put the lid on the opened powder formula can before storing. Don't store the opened powdered formula can in the refrigerator. Only liquid formula concentrate or premixed liquid formulas should be refrigerated.
  5. Once a can of powdered baby formula is opened, try to use the formula within one month. Throw away any leftover formula powder after one month.


  1. Before opening a can of formula, wash the lid of the can with a wet cloth.

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