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What is a Baby Sleeper (or Blanket Sleeper)?


Infant Sleepers - Baby Clothing FAQ

An infant sleeper is a one-piece garment designed to keep babies warm at night without blankets.

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Question: What is a Baby Sleeper (or Blanket Sleeper)?
Answer: An infant or baby sleeper is a one-piece outfit for night-time that helps keep baby warm and comfortable without blankets. Infant sleepers may also be called stretch-suits, and thicker versions may be called blanket sleepers. Thick blankets and bedding are not recommended for babies because of the risk of suffocation, but newborn babies still need to be protected from chilly night air. That's where the infant sleeper comes in handy. These garments usually have long sleeves and long legs to chase away chills. Often, sleepers even cover a baby's feet, and many feature snaps at the legs to make diaper changes easier. Sleepers come in a variety of materials, from airy cotton to thick fleece, which means there is an infant sleeper for any season. Sleepers are a good choice for older babies and toddlers, too, especially those who move around a lot and kick off their sheets or covers.

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