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Top 7 Baby and Toddler Alphabet Learning Videos


Babies and toddlers learn well from fun videos, and learning the alphabet is no exception. Through fun songs, animal pictures and other attention-grabbing sounds and visuals, these entertaining and educational baby alphabet videos will haveyour toddler singing the ABCs in no time. There's a baby or toddler alphabet learning video to match any learning style, from high energy to low-key and soothing. Help baby get a jump start on letter learning with one of these fantastic videos.

1. LeapFrog: Letter Factory

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Join Professor Quigley, Leap, Lily and Tad as they journey through a magical letter factory, where all of the alphabet letters teach their phonetic sounds. This alphabet video uses fun, repetitive songs and silly letter characters to encourage kids aged 2 to 5 to learn their ABCs. The LeapFrog Letter Factory video goes beyond the basic alphabet, though, also teaching the listening skills and basic phonics that will prepare children very well for preschool and kindergarten.
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2. Pocket Snails: Letter Adventure

Your toddler will love to meet Buttons, Dale and Gordon, the Pocket Snails, who live in their friend Jake's pocket, as they learn the letters of the alphabet. The Pocket Snails Letter Adventure video features engaging cartoon pictures, upbeat music, amusing snail antics and repetition to teach the ABCs. Both upper and lower case letters are presented, and bonus activities on the DVD encourage kids to name objects that start with each letter and practice the alphabet along with the video.
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3. Animal Alphabet: Learning Your ABCs With Animals

Gorgeous video of real animals featured in Animal Alphabet will help kids remember the sounds that go with each letter of the alphabet. Not only have the video's producers found an interesting animal to go with each letter, every animal in the video has a unique song to stimulate little brains. The animals aren't all familiar ones, either. Can you guess which animal goes with the letter Q? Babies will enjoy watching the animal footage as older kids learn the ABCs with their new animal friends.
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4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Lots More Learning Fun

Race to the top of the coconut tree with the alphabet letters in this bright, cheerful ABC video. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom takes all of the learning fun from the classic books and sets it to wonderful, jazzy music to help kids master the alphabet. Can the coconut tree hold all of those letters or will they all come crashing down? Other video segments take a look at trash management and "Rosie's Walk" around the farm. DVD extras include "The Foolish Frog," Pete Seeger's tale of too much pride.
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5. Meet the Letters

Meet the Letters, from the Preschool Prep Company, is a great choice for older toddlers who are ready to learn the difference between upper and lower case letters. This video shows each letters, says the letter name, and features an animated letter that is doing some activity that starts with the letter, such as a dancing D. Toddlers will enjoy trying to guess what activity the letter is doing, and the repetition will help them link the letter's sound with how the letter looks on the screen.

6. Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever

This low-key alphabet video features a charming story for each letter of the alphabet along with cute characters like Huckle the Cat and Miss Honey the teacher that will have your baby or toddler smiling the whole way through. Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever goes beyond the basic ABCs with a strong focus on phonics and words that begin with each letter. The basic graphics and slower pace may be a better learning format for children who are easily distracted from flashier videos.
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7. Sesame Street: Do The Alphabet

This fun, classic Sesame Street video uses over-the-top characters and toe-tapping songs to present alphabet letters in new ways. From singing pigs to celebrity guest Billy Joel, prescoolers will love learning the ABCs in Sesame Street style. Parents will enjoy Big Bird's funny rendition of a support group leader as he teaches Baby Bear letters and phonics. Like most Sesame Street videos, Do The Alphabet also teaches teamwork and encouragement.
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