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LeapFrog Talking Words Factory

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The Bottom Line

The LeapFrog Talking Words Factory learning video is enjoyable for toddlers, and they will get something out of it, even if they don't begin creating words right away. This LeapFrog learning video is good reinforcement for the phonics sounds toddlers are learning between the ages of three and four.
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  • Builds on letter sounds in fun ways.
  • Introduces toddlers to letter blends and short words.
  • Amusing characters hold toddlers attention.


  • May be too advanced for younger 3-year-olds.


  • A LeapFrog learning video for children age 3 to 5.
  • 35 minutes of colorful, fun, action stories for pre-readers.
  • Available on VHS or DVD.
  • Teaches vowels, consonants, word building, rhyming and vocabulary.
  • ISBN 0-7909-8897-7

Guide Review - LeapFrog Talking Words Factory

The LeapFrog Talking Words Factory learning video is designed for ages three to five, but I would say that some toddlers may not understand the word and blend concepts until closer to age four. However, younger toddlers will enjoy the antics of Tad the frog and his friends as they explore the Talking Words Factory. Exposure to these learning concepts certainly won't hurt a toddler, even if they don't understand the words yet. As Tad and his friends work their way through the LeapFrog Talking Words Factory, they focus on individual letter sounds by meeting animated letters, such as the F with wings that flies around, and the C that is ice-covered because it is cold. The individual letters are then placed in the Talking Words Factory machines to form words and sounds. With names like the Sticky-Ick-O-Rama and the Word Whammer, and wonderful animations, the word factory machines will hold a toddler's interest very well. Toddlers are also very excited by rhyming, and they'll get their fill with the LeapFrog Talking Words Factory learning video. When the word-making machines get out of control, the rhymes and action are non-stop and perfect for this age group. Even if this learning video doesn't encourage your toddler to start creating words and blends right away, he or she will have fun watching the storyline and sounding out letters and words with Tad and his friends. LeapFrog has another winner with this video.
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