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Books and Videos for Babies

Baby books and movies stimulate learning with lots of fun! Learn about baby entertainment options with top picks and reviews of baby books and videos and links to related products.

Potty Training Books for Toddlers
Toddlers learn well through books, and potty training is no exception. These potty training books all get rave reviews from parents and toddlers alike.

That Baby DVD Review
I think That Baby DVD offers a change of pace from traditional baby DVDs. Best of all, the whole family can enjoy the acoustic music on That Baby DVD.

Best Alphabet Learning Videos for Babies
Help your child learn the ABCs with a fun and educational alphabet video! I've chosen the top alphabet learning videos that are sure to have your baby or toddler singing the alphabet song in no time.

Best Sports DVDs for Active Babies
Help your baby develop an interest in sports and an active lifestyle with a video or DVD with an athletic theme. Here are 8 wonderful athletics or sports-theme videos for active baby that will encourage baby to move along with the characters on-screen.

Baby Builders DVD Review
Baby Builders exercise DVD can help you improve your baby's development in some instances.

International Baby DVD - Bilingual Videos for Baby
Learning a second language is easiest when baby hears another language right from the start. Learn how you can get baby started on the path to being bilingual with International Baby DVDs, which feature songs and words in English / Spanish, English / Japanese or English / Korean in this DVD review.

"No More Diapers" Potty Training Video Review
The "No More Diapers" potty training video takes a fun and relaxed approach to potty training, which may encourage your toddler to use the potty without so much hassle.

Signing Smart with Babies and Toddler - Book Review
Baby sign language is increasingly popular with new parents who hope to help their baby communicate better and faster through sign language. Learn about an innovative method of teaching baby sign language in a review of the book "Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers."

Monkeydoos Baby & Toddler Exercise Video Review
Get your baby or toddler moving with a Monkeydoos kids fitness video! Monkeydoos are so much fun, your kids won't even realize it's an exercise video.

The English-Spanish Picture Book Dictionary Review
Growing up bilingual is a benefit for kids in today's global society. The Picture Book Dictionary English-Spanish Edition can help parents teach their kids new English and Spanish words in a fun and interesting way.

LeapFrog Talking Words Factory Video - Guide Review
Toddlers will love learning about how words are made with this fun video from LeapFrog. LeapFrog Talking Words Factory video teaches kids how letters combine to form words through songs, phonetic sounds and silly antics of the LeapFrog characters. Find out more about this LeapFrog Learning video in a review from your Baby Products Guide.

Tails by Matthew Van Fleet - Baby Book Review
This fun baby book features tails of all sorts of creatures, from a fold-out shiny peacock tail to a scratch-and-sniff skunk tail. If you're looking for a great book to read to a baby or toddler, this book is a great choice. Read a review of the book "Tails" by Matthew Van Fleet from your Guide to Baby Products.

Six Sweet Books About Love for Babies
For Valentine's Day, or all year round, it's fun to read a book about love with your baby or toddler. These books all talk about love in different ways, and are good for reading together with your baby or toddler.

Top 5 Books to Read to Babies
Reading to baby is a great way to boost development and early reading skills. Here are the top five choices for baby picture books and story books for babies from your About Guide to Baby Products.

Books to Read to Babies
Looking for more great baby and toddler book choices? Check out these favorite story and picture books for babies from your About Guide to Pregnancy / Birth.

Life and Times Personalized Baby Record Book Review
Go beyond the traditional baby book with the Life and Times Baby Record Book. A review of this personalized baby book, which holds up to 20 years of milestones, memories and souvenirs, from your Guide.

Sign With Your Baby Video from Sign2Me.com
Babies can learn to use sign language to communicate with their parents before baby's language skills develop. Teach your baby to sign using American Sign Language with this video or DVD kit.

The Baby Einstein Company
Parents rave about the series of baby videos from the Baby Einstein Company. From stars and colors to animal sounds and shapes, babies can learn about the world around them through these unique videos. Interesting pictures and movements combined with captivating music hold baby's attention, even for babies as young as one month old!

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