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Tummy to Tummy Hold


Babywearing Tummy to Tummy Hold

Appropriate for newborns and toddlers alike, the tummy to tummy hold offers nearly hands-free snuggle time.

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Definition: The tummy to tummy hold can be accomplished with several baby carrier styles. In this babywearing carry, the baby faces the parent with baby's head on the parent's chest, and the baby carrier is pulled snug around parent and baby to hold baby there. Baby's legs can be tucked up inside the carrier (usually for younger babies), or they can stick out of the bottom of the baby carrier.

This was one of my favorite babywearing carries. For a newborn, you can pull the baby carrier up to support baby's head. For older babies and toddlers, this position makes it harder for the child to grab at everything you walk by, but they can still fall asleep on your shoulder when necessary. In a sling, popping a toddler in and out of the tummy to tummy hold is very fast and easy.

Also Known As: snuggle hold
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