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Top 16 Baby Halloween Costumes

Newborns, Infants and Toddlers Can All Dress Up for Halloween Fun


I love Halloween! Choosing a costume for my toddler is a highlight of my year. We're going with the garden gnome costume for 2013.

Whether you're gearing up for baby's first Halloween or looking for inspiration for a trick-or-treating toddler, these fun baby costumes are sure to bring Halloween memories for you and your baby. Classic baby Halloween costumes, such as baby animals, are popular as ever this year. Plenty of funny modern costumes also await your baby, so have fun choosing a costume to suit your baby's budding personality.

1. Baby Viking Costume

Baby Viking Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.

The plush beard really makes the costume on this one! Obviously, a viking costume wouldn't be complete without the horned hat, and this one has cool metallic accents. Right now, this is getting my vote for best baby Halloween costume ever! Available for 6 months to 2T.

2. Owl Baby and Toddler Costume

Baby Owl Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Owls are everywhere this year, and Halloween is no different. This baby and toddler owl costume has incredibly cute, oversized eyes on the hood, big wings on the back, and a tie, because wise owls need ties. Striped legwarmers are included to coordinate with the tie. Sizes 6 months to 2T.

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3. Baby Garden Gnome Costume

Baby Garden Gnome Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.

This baby and toddler Halloween costume makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Available in boy and girl versions, the Garden Gnome costume features a silly curved hat, bold suspenders and gnome booties, plus a hilarious faux beard on the boys version. It's an inexpensive choice for Halloween at about $20. Available in sizes for 12 months to 4T.

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4. Pottery Barn Kids Frankenstein Costume

Baby Frankenstein Costume
2013, Pottery Barn Kids.
Did you know it's possible to find Frankenstein incredibly charming? I love this toddler version of the popular monster, because you can tell it's supposed to be the iconic Frankenstein but it's definitely not a creepy or scary costume. It's a two-piece costume, with the body as all one piece plus the headpiece that is secured under the chin. Sizes 3 months to 7/8.

5. Baby Sock Monkey Costume

Sock Monkey Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.

Retro sock monkeys are incredibly popular right now, both as toys and as prints on many baby products. Your baby or toddler can be an adorable little monkey this Halloween with this hilarious sock monkey costume, complete with a wide monkey grin and a swinging tail. Available in toddler sizes.

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6. Pottery Barn Kids Baby Werewolf Costume

Baby Werewolf Costume
2013, Pottery Barn Kids.
What big eyes you have, werewolf! The silly wolf face on this costume is fantastic, and the loveable wolfy look is completed with lots of fur and felt teeth that frame baby's face. Available for 3 months up to 7/8.


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7. Old Navy Baby and Toddler Fox Costume

Toddler Fox Costume
2013, Old Navy.

Foxes have gained popularity in 2013. Your toddler can be the cutest fox in the forest with this toasty fleece costume. It's a hooded top and pants, so it's easy for toddlers to manage if bathroom breaks are necessary. There's a tail on the back, too, of course. Available for newborn through 5T.

8. Flying Monkey of Oz Toddler Costume

Flying Monkey of Oz Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.

There are always plenty of little witches running around on Halloween, so it's only fitting that there should be some flying monkeys, as well. This brown monkey suit has a contrasting belly a green vest and attached black and purple wings. The separate tie-on hood has adorable monkey ears to finish the look. Available in 18/24M and 2/4T sizes.

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9. Silly Sunflower Baby Costume

Silly Sunflower Baby Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.

This baby sunflower costume has a lot of flash for not so much cash. At less than $20, it's a great choice for Trick-or-Treaters on a budget. The big, bright sunflower petals are attached to the headpiece, and there's a cute felt leaf attached, too. Available for 6 months to 2T.

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10. Dinky Dragon Baby and Toddler Costume

Dinky Dragon Baby Costume
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.

It's impossible not to smile when you see this sweet dragon costume! A silly dragon face peeks over the top of the hood, and there are pointy wings and a tiny tail to finish the look. The bright colors and cute details, such as the spikes on the tail, make this costume a whole lot of fun, too. Available for 6 months to 2T.

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