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Baby Clothes and Shoes

Tiny baby clothes and shoes are hard to resist! Before you let those adorable baby clothes jump off the shelf and into baby's dresser, learn more about buying baby clothes and find suggestions on where to shop for baby clothes withe the following articles.
  1. Baby Clothes FAQ (4)

Are Bamboo Baby Products Eco-Friendly?
Bamboo is used often in baby products and clothes these days, and is touted as an eco-friendly choice. Are bamboo baby products eco-friendly? New information from the FTC says "maybe not."

Choose a Coming Home Outfit for Baby
Choosing a special outfit for your baby's trip home from the hospital is fun and exciting. Here are some tips for choosing newborn coming home clothes that will look great in baby's first photos and be comfortable for your little one at the same time.

Buy a Winter Coat or Snowsuit for Baby
Here's a quick and easy guide to choosing the perfect winter gear for baby.

Best Re-Usable Swim Diapers

Baby Clothes Buying Guide
Shopping for tiny, adorable clothes is one of the best parts of getting ready for a baby. Here's what to look for as you choose clothes for your new baby.

Current Baby Clothes Recalls
Baby and toddler clothes can be recalled for many reasons. Learn about the latest clothing recalls here.

6 Best Baby & Toddler Sunglasses
Each of these adorable sunglasses are designed not just to be smaller to fit a baby or toddler, but also to match how little ones move and play.

Top 10 Snowsuits and Fleece Coats for Baby
Snowsuits and coats for babies and toddlers need to be warm but not too thick, so baby can move easily and be safe in a car seat. These snowsuits and coats are plenty warm but comfortable for little bodies to wear.

Bear Hands Mittens Review
These adorable Bear Hands mittens are shaped like bear's paws to keep baby and toddler hands warm.

Do I Need to Buy a Special Detergent for My Baby's Laundry?
Many new parents buy special detergents for their baby's laundry. Is a special infant detergent necessary?

Choosing Toddler Potty Training Clothes
For toddlers, clothes aren't just about style. What your little one wears can make potty training easier, or it can create bigger messes.

Caring for Baby Clothes - Washing and Stain Removal
Baby clothes may be small, but removing stains and washing baby clothes can be time consuming. Learn how to care for baby clothes with these tips from your Guide and other experienced parents.

Hip Clips - Cute Hair Accessories for Baby
These adorable hair clips for baby go well beyond the classic hair bow. Made from ribbons to look like flowers, cartoon characters and animals, Hip Clips add something special to baby's wardrobe.

Buying The First Pair of Baby Shoes
Your baby is walking! Now is the time to buy a pair of tiny shoes. Before you buy, check out these tips and considerations on baby shoe purchases.

Sunsafe SPF 50 Baby Swimsuit Review
Keeping your baby safe from sunburns is easier than ever with the Sunsafe SPF 50 baby swimsuit. Learn more about this durable and adorable baby swimsuit in this Guide review.

Shady Sun Baby Swimwear
Originally featured in the "Cute Baby Clothes" blog, Shady Sun Swimwear offers baby swimsuits that cover baby's arms and legs. Not only will your baby look cute, he or she will be better protected from sun by these full-coverage swimsuits.

Top Guide Picks - Online Shopping for Baby Clothes
With so many baby clothing stores on the web today, it's easy to shop for baby clothes from your home. These top picks for best online stores for baby clothes from your Guide will point you in the right direction for the best baby clothes on the 'net.

Frubi Shades Review - Baby and Toddler Sunglasses
Babies and toddlers need eye protection when they're out in the sun. Frubi baby sunglasses give the needed protection in a soft, comfortable foam frame with polycarbonate lenses.

Baby Clothes Buying Guide
Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you're buying baby clothes, from your Guide to Pregnancy / Birth.

Cute Baby Clothes for Fall
These cute fall baby clothes will keep your baby warm and in style as the weather gets cooler. Fall baby clothes for any budget.

Choosing Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes
Choosing a Halloween costume for your baby or toddler should be lots of fun, but there are a few safety and convenience issues to consider, as well. Here's how to choose a baby or toddler Halloween costume that makes the whole family happy.

Top 15 Baby Halloween Costumes
Get your baby in on the Halloween fun with these 15 great baby Halloween costumes for newborns, infants and toddlers.

Homemade Baby Halloween Costumes - Share Your Homemade Baby Halloween…
Do you have a creative idea for a homemade baby Halloween costume? If you've made your own baby Halloween costume at home, share your fun ideas here. Looking for homemade baby Halloween costume ideas? Check out other parents' creative baby costumes for inspiration!

What Is a Wearable Baby Blanket?
Babies don't need fluffy blankets in the crib, but they still need to be comfortable on cool nights. A wearable baby blanket may be the solution.

Homemade Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes
If you've gone to the trouble of making a Halloween costume for your baby or toddler, here's your chance to share it with the world! No matter how simple or elaborate, we'd love to see your homemade costume creations.See submissions

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