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FuzziBunz Perfect Size Pocket Diapers Review

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FuzziBunz Perfect Size Pocket Diaper

This FuzziBunz Perfect Size pocket diaper is shown in grape in size small. The snaps at the front allow the diaper to fit babies from 7-18 lbs.

2011, Heather Corley.

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers Features

These are pocket diapers, which means there's an opening in the waterproof diaper shell where you stuff the absorbent material. The outer part of the diaper shell is PUL, a polyester fabric lined with polyurethane. The interior of the diaper shell is polyester microfleece.

FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers come in four sizes. Extra small fits babies from 4-12 lbs. Small fits babies from 7-18 lbs. Medium fits babies from 15-30 lbs. Large fits toddlers from 25-45 lbs.

There are two snaps on either side of the waist, and two rows of snaps at the front. These snaps allow you to customize the diaper fit for your baby.

One microfiber insert comes with each FuzziBunz Perfect Size diaper.

These diapers are available in solid colors only. Fourteen colors, in pastel, bright and neutral, are available.

What I Like About FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper Interior

The FuzziBunz Perfect Size diaper has a microfleece interior with a large pocket opening at the top. These diapers come with one large microfiber insert.

2011, Heather Corley.
These diapers are incredibly cute. I love the colors they come in, particularly the bright purple, blue and yellow shades. When stuffed with the microfiber insert, these pocket diapers are very absorbent but still fairly trim. When your baby is on the smaller end of the size range, the diapers are a little bulkier, but not as bulky as some other cloth diaper styles.

The outer material is very soft and durable. I really like the microfleece on the inside of the shell, too. If you're not using a diaper liner, the microfleece does a good job of catching solids and holding onto them until you're ready to change diapers. I think blow-outs are less likely with this kind of microfleece interior.

The microfleece interior extends around the elastic leg openings. This material is less likely to cause red marks at the leg than other fabrics. The fleece does an excellent job of wicking moisture away from baby's skin. You do have to be careful about using diaper rash creams with these diapers, though, or the fleece is prone to repelling moisture when the oil from the cream gets stuck in the fabric.

The microfiber insert is extremely absorbent. The pocket opening at the top of the diaper is plenty big to easily stuff the insert in before use. There's enough room to add other inserts if you need more absorbency, too.

It's nice that the Perfect Size diapers are available to fit very small babies and bigger toddlers. There aren't many cloth diapers that fit 4 lb babies well, and many max out well before 45 lbs. These diapers fill a niche for hard to fit babies.

Once you've stuffed the insert inside, these diapers are almost as easy to use as disposables. The snaps at the waist are a little fussier than the reusable tabs on disposables, but not by much. Washing these cloth diapers takes a little more effort over disposables, but generates much less trash and costs less in the long run.

What I Don't Like About FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers

I tend to prefer one-size diapers that fit a wider range of babies. However, if your baby is hard to fit, you may need to spend more to buy a sized diaper like this one in order to stop leaks. Diapers that don't fit well will leak. However, at about $18 per diaper, buying new sizes occasionally will add up. It's fairly easy to buy these cloth diapers used if you'd like to save some cash. They'll probably have some wear and tear, but the price may be up to half of the new diaper cost.

There's a potential durability issue with the leg elastics. Many parents have no problem with the leg elastics breaking with normal use, but I know of a few moms who felt that the elastics wore out far too soon. I know of two moms who had the elastics break within the first year of use. These diapers are generally very durable, so more than one report of breakage is surprising.

The pocket opening, while plenty big, doesn't have anything to keep the insert in place. Sometimes the top of the insert can peek out of the top of the diaper shell. When the insert is wet, that also means baby's clothes can get wet.

Only one insert comes with the FuzziBunz Perfect Size diaper. That's fine for newborns and small babies, but for toddlers or overnights with older babies, it may not be enough absorbency. You can buy other inserts to stuff inside the pocket to create more absorbency, but that's an extra cost over the price of the diapers.

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