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What is an All In Two Cloth Diaper?


Definition: An all in two cloth diaper is similar to an all in one, but the soaker layer or absorbent insert is not permanently attached to the diaper body. On some types of all in twos, the soaker layer is held to the diaper with snaps. In other all in two systems, the inserts are laid on top of the diaper. An all in two diaper does not need a separate cover to work properly because the diaper body has a waterproof layer.

Hybrid diaper systems are often also classified as all in twos. The cloth inserts are laid on or snapped into the diaper cover, but there's also a disposable or compostable liner option to lay into the cover.

Advantages of all in twos are that they dry faster than most all in one diapers, and you can usually purchase more than one soaker, so you can re-use the outer portion a time or two before washing. The major con for all in two cloth diapers is that the soakers are easily separated from the diapers in the wash. In that way, soakers can be a bit like socks, always disappearing on wash day.

Also Known As: A12

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