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What Is a Diaper Sprayer?


Definition: A diaper sprayer is a small water hose with a spray attachment that is used to clean solid waste from cloth diapers before putting them into a diaper pail to await washing. While it's not usually necessary to spray off the solid waste, many parents prefer to remove as much as possible before they wash diapers.

Most diaper sprayers look just like one of the pull-out sink sprayers you might have in your kitchen sink. Diaper sprayers most commonly attach to the water supply for your toilet, which is handy because it means the sprayer is right there when you're ready to use it, and you can spray directly into the toilet.

Some diaper sprayers have a shut off valve or some other mechanism for locking the sprayer. If you have toddlers in the house, it's a good idea to choose a diaper sprayer that can be turned off or locked so that your bathroom isn't flooded by a curious sibling.

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