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What Does It Mean to Strip a Cloth Diaper?


Question: What Does It Mean to Strip a Cloth Diaper?
Answer: Stripping cloth diapers is a laundering method that removes detergent residue from cloth diapers. Detergents, fabric softeners and other things in wash water can build up in cloth diapers over time, and the buildup can reduce cloth diaper absorbency. Diaper rash creams also can cause diapers to repel moisture and may necessitate stripping.

There are many methods for stripping cloth diapers. The most basic way to remove detergent build-up is to wash cloth diapers in very hot water without detergent until they no longer produce suds in the washer water. Other methods call for the use of vinegar to remove residues or using dish soap to scrub out oils that repel moisture.

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