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Snuggie for Kids in Car Seats

A Car Seat Blanket That Won't Fall Off


Snuggie for Kids in Car Seats

The Snuggie for Kids makes an excellent car seat blanket. It provides warmth without adding any bulk under the car seat harness, plus keeps your child's arms free for playing.

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I never saw the point of wearing a Snuggie around the house. After all, isn't it basically a bathrobe worn backwards? However, some creative moms recently showed me how they were using the Snuggie for Kids to keep their children warm and safe in their car seats, and it's a brilliant idea that solves several common winter car seat problems.

As you may know, wearing a thick winter coat in a car seat poses a safety problem, since the thick material can interfere with proper harness tightening and could compress in a crash, leaving a loose harness that doesn't work properly. A thin fleece coat is usually fine under the car seat harness, but when the temperatures dip below zero, sometimes one fleece coat isn't enough to keep a little one warm. Adding blankets over the top of the car seat harness is also a way to add warmth without compromising safety, but it can be difficult for kids to keep those blankets in place, especially if they want to move their arms around or play with a toy.

Enter the Snuggie for Kids! It has all of the warmth of a blanket, and there are sleeves, so you can put it on once your child is all buckled safely in the car seat, and when the Snuggie for Kids is tucked in around your child, it's not likely to fall off. The built-in arm holes leave room for playing with toys or pointing at roadside attractions without disturbing the blanket itself.

Moms who have tried this trick say that the Snuggie for Kids will be pretty big on toddlers, but that it's nice to have a car seat blanket that will still work once the child is older and in a booster seat.

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