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Extended rear-facing, beyond one year and 20 lbs, is becoming more common as we learn more about car seat safety. There are big safety advantages to keeping your child rear-facing, and not just in frontal collisions. New studies show that rear-facing has the advantage in many side-impact crashes, too.

Parents who keep their kids rear-facing do tend to hear a lot of the same questions over and over. Usually, others want to know whether the child's legs are squished, whether it's dangerous to let baby's legs touch the vehicle seat, or if the child complains about being uncomfortable. This photo gallery shows kids who are safely riding in rear-facing car seat beyond the bare minimum age and weight. All of these parents say their kids have never complained about squished legs.

Do you have an extended rear-facing car seat photo to share? I'd love to add your child's photo to this gallery. Please email photos to babyproducts@aboutguide.com, and include your child's age, approximate weight and height, and the type of car seat shown.

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LS Rear-Facing 4 Years OldExtended Rear-Facing - 4 Years OldLS Rear-Facing 16 Months OldExtended Rear-Facing - 16 MonthsAB Extended Rear-Facing 1 Extended Rear-Facing - Ages 3.5 and 1.5AB Extended Rear-Facing 2Extended Rear-Facing - 3.5 Years Old
TW Extended Rear-Facing 1Extended Rear-Facing - Age 3.5TW Extended Rear-Facing 2Extended Rear-Facing - 3.5 Years OldJmedders Extended Rear-Facing 1Extended Rear-Facing - 3 Years OldJC Extended Rear-Facing 1Extended Rear-Facing - 2 Years Old
JC Extended Rear-Facing 2Extended Rear-Facing - 2 Years OldSpoon Extended Rear-Facing 1Extended Rear-Facing - 2.5 Years OldLA Extended Rear-Facing 1Extended Rear-Facing - 3 Years OldDKM Extended Rear-Facing 1Extended Rear-Facing - 3.5 Years Old
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