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Recaro Como Convertible Car Seat Review


Recaro Como Convertible Car Seat
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.

Review submitted by Melissa McCarty,
certified Child Passenger Safety Technician

The Bottom Line

Expectations are set high for Recaro as they have been known for their racing seats for many years. I feel that they came through with their expectations...minus a few details. For smaller or average children, this car seat should be comfortable while rear-facing and on the lower to middle forward-facing weight ranges. For larger children, or even average kids who have reached the higher range of this seat's harness weights, this car seat may no longer be comfortable because of its narrow design.


  • VERY nice microfiber covers.
  • Lots of padding for the comfort of your child.
  • Full body side-impact protection.
  • Higher weight limit harnessing seat.


  • Seat is oddly shaped--small through the shoulders, wide through the hips.
  • Installation can be challenging in the rear-facing position.
  • The seat weighs 21 pounds.


  • Recaro Como is a convertible car seat with 5-point harness for babies 5 to 70 pounds.
  • Recaro Como can be used rear-facing from 5-35 pounds and under 35" tall.
  • Recaro Como can be used forward-facing from 20-70 pounds and under 59" tall.
  • There are 5 harness slots that are easily adjusted to grow with your child.
  • Can use either LATCH system or seat belt for installation.
  • This car seat is FAA approved for use on airplanes.
  • To date, there are 4 microfiber cover options.

Tech Review

This is one heavy duty seat! I LOVE the microfiber cover and all the EPP comfort foam in this seat.

I did find that when installing this seat rear facing with the LATCH system to be very simple. Tightening the straps was a breeze and the latch hooks are very easy to operate. When I installed this seat rear facing with the seatbelt, I found the belt path to be very narrow. The belt seemed to snag the foam as you move it through.

The seat sits very high off the vehicle seat, so seeing around the seat may be challenging for some. There is a LATCH storage system slightly behind the bottom of the seat, for times when you're not using the LATCH straps.

The "ergonomic" design of the chair seemed to fit a child nicely, but the width of the seat for shoulder space was oddly small. I measured it at 9" wide and the hip room was 11". Some children would be squeezed into this seat. I really do not see how a 70 pound child could fit in this seat! If your child is very slender with no wide body points, this car seat may be a good fit. On average, I think that the lack of shoulder room will cause discomfort for a child on the larger side of the weight range.

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