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Baby Car Seats and Car Seat Safety

Car seats are vital to your baby's safety. Learn about baby car seats, choose the safest car seats for your baby with car seat buying guides and reviews, and find car seat safety advice from your Guide, a certified car seat technician.
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Great Infant Car Seats Under $150
The infant car seats have plenty of convenience features to help you use them correctly, and they all come in under $150.

All About Baby Car Seats
From choosing your baby's first car seat to common car seat questions, this comprehensive car seats resource will help you keep your baby safe on the road from birth through preschool age.

Before You Buy an Infant Car Seat
There are so many infant car seats available in stores today, both on their own and as part of a travel system. It's not easy to decide which features are most important! Here's how to choose an infant car seat that you can use easily to keep baby safe on the road.

How Long Should My Baby Be in a Rear-Facing Car Seat?
Staying in a rear-facing car seat has some pretty big safety advantages. Here's why you shouldn't hurry to "step up" to forward facing.

Keep Baby in a Rear-Facing Car Seat
This video explains why you should keep your baby in a rear-facing car seat to at least 20 pounds and one year, and why you should consider keeping your baby rear-facing even after that. This car seat safety video was created by certified child passenger safety technicians.

Infant Car Seats
Your infant car seat should be easy to install, and you should be able to use it correctly each time. These infant car seats have convenience features and other specs that make them easy to use in a wide range of vehicles.

Top 8 Convertible Car Seats
These convertible car seats all perform well over time, fit a wide range of cars and kids and are easy to install and adjust.

Infant Car Seat Crash Tests - What Do They Mean For Your Baby?
You may have seen infant car seat crash test videos on the news lately where the infant car seats flew off their bases. What do these infant car seat crash test results mean for your baby? Should you replace your infant car seat?

Car Seats for Larger Babies
Babies should stay in 5-point harness car seats through at least age 4 and about 40 pounds whenever possible. Heavier babies may outgrow some convertible car seats by age 3, though. These car seats harness up to 65 pounds and present a safer option for younger, heavier babies than moving to a booster seat at a young age.

Which Car Seat is Best? Finding Safe Car Seats for Baby
Parents want the best and safest car seats for their baby, but car seat safety varies by vehicle, car seat and baby. Before you buy baby car seats, learn how to choose the best car seat for your baby.

Booster Car Seat Safety Ratings
New booster car seat ratings from IIHS rank a lot of booster car seats as performing poorly. Should you be concerned about the safety of your child's booster car seat? Here's what you should know about booster car seat safety ratings.

Top Belt-Positioning Booster Seats
Booster seats keep kids safe in the car between car seats and seat belts, and are now required by state laws for many older children. These booster seats provide the safety and convenience features you need in a range of prices.

How Long Did Your Baby's Car Seat Stay Rear-Facing? Extended Rear-Fac…
Most car seat safety advocates recommend that toddlers stay rear-facing in their car seats until they reach the rear-facing limits of the seat. New research shows that toddlers are more than 5 times safer in the car if they stay rear-facing until age two! Are you a believer in extended rear-facing? When did you, or will you, turn your baby's car seat around? Why?

Snuggie for Kids in Car Seats
Snuggie for Kids makes an excellent car seat blanket that stays in place while keeping a child warm.

Car Seat Reviews
Car seat reviews by child passenger safety technicians. These car seat reviews can help you narrow down your choices and avoid car seats that don't meet your needs.

Car Seat Safety Tips
Car seat safety is incredibly important, yet many parents struggle with using their baby's car seat correctly. Check out these car seat safety tips to help keep your baby safe on the road.

Infant Car Seat Covers - Best Winter Infant Car Seat Covers

A winter infant car seat cover is a great way to ensure that baby stays toasty even when it's chilly outside. These shower-cap style infant car seat covers offer convenience and warmth, and don't interfere with the harness system on your baby's car seat.

Extended Rear-Facing Car Seat Photo Gallery
Extended rear-facing, beyond one year and 20 lbs, is becoming more common as we learn more about car seat safety. This photo gallery shows kids who are safely riding in rear-facing car seat beyond the bare minimum age and weight.

Car Seat & LATCH Changes for 2014
If you're buying a car seat after February 2014, you'll need to learn a few new car seat rules when it comes to using LATCH.

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