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European Style Baby Bath Tubs

Mimic The Womb With The Cozy, Supported Feel Of These Baby Tubs


European-style baby bath tubs are round and deep, and look a bit like a bucket in which you're supposed to bathe your infant. Babies tend to love anything that recreates the feelings they experienced in the womb, though, so it makes sense that even fussy babies that dislike traditional baths reportedly calm down when placed in a European-style baby tub. The baby sits cross-legged in the bath, cozily surrounded by warm water and the close walls of the tub, and you support baby with one hand and wash with the other. Here are three great European-style baby bath tubs to try.

Prince Lionheart WashPod European Style Baby Bath Tub

Prince Lionheart WashPod
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.
Prince Lionheart WashPod is a little less expensive than other European-style baby tubs, and I like that it has a different shape that adds some stability. The shape is particularly helpful if you lift baby up and lean him or her on the side when it's time to wash legs and bottom, because the extra "legs" on the side of the WashPod make it less likely that the tub would tip over with weight against the top. The WashPod comes with a foam insert if you feel it's necessary for comfort. It's really easy to lift, thanks to the side handles, and its narrow shape means it doesn't require a lot of storage space. $25-$30. Recommended from birth to 6 months.
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TummyTub European Baby Bath

Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.
TummyTub is a little bit taller and narrower than other European baby tub options, so it provides a really secure, surrounded feeling for baby. The design is said to be perfect for helping baby settle into a comfortable fetal position. The anti-skid base is nice when baby splashes a bit of water over the side, and the wide top rim is comfortable for your arms to rest on as you're bathing or supporting baby. There are carrying handles built into the top rim, too. TummyTub costs about $45 and is available in pink or blue. The tub can be used on its own, or you can spend another $60 to purchase the TummyTub stool, which elevates the bath tub so you can sit on a chair for bath time. Recommended from birth to 6 months.
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Spa Baby European Style Bath Tub

Spa Baby Tub
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com. Used with permission.
Spa Baby is recommended for use from birth to 10 months, so you may get a little more use out of this tub versus others. Some parents say baby's position is a bit more upright in this bath tub, but that's just a matter of baby's preference, and not really a problem unless baby is uncomfortable. Spa Baby has carrying handles built into the top rim, which is wide enough to be comfortable for your arms as you're bathing baby. This European style baby tub costs about $45, and can be used on the floor or counter or in a sink or bigger tub.
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