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Cloth Potty Training Pants for Toddlers


Kushies Cloth Potty Training Pants
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Cloth Potty Training Pants Are Reusable:

One big advantage of cloth potty training pants versus disposable types is that you can reuse the cloth pants through the potty training process, or even until they're outgrown, depending on the style you choose. The ability to reuse the training pants makes cloth types more budget-friendly as well as earth-friendly since they're not headed for a landfill. You do need to wash the cloth training pants often, though, so for families that don't have laundry facilities in the house, the hassle may not be worth the savings during the first few messy weeks of potty training.

Waterproof Potty Training Pants:

Some types of potty training pants have a waterproof outer layer that helps contain any accidents so you don't have to clean your living room carpet or your child's car seat. The waterproof layer can be some type of tightly woven cloth or it can be plastic. The all-cloth pants tend to be more comfortable and hold up better over time in the washer/dryer cycles. The inner layer of waterproof training pants is absorbent enough to help contain messes, but still allows a toddler to feel that an accident has happened. Some types of waterproof training pants can be just as thick as a diaper under clothes.

Non-Waterproof Cloth Potty Training Pants:

Several companies make toddler training pants that are pretty close to regular underwear except that they're very thick through the middle to absorb some wetness. These potty training pants are widely available, hold up well through many washings, and can easily be used beyond the initial potty training phase. They're not thick enough to be bulky under clothes. Be prepared to clean up a few messes, though, because the thick layer won't hold very much before leaks happen.

Regular Toddler Underwear:

You can also skip the specialized cloth training pants altogether and just use regular toddler underwear as potty training pants. There's no thick layer to absorb anything and no waterproof cover to catch messes, but toddlers can tell when an accident has occurred and that's one of the biggest keys to potty training. If you go this route, though, you may need to experiment to find toddler underwear that fits your little one well. You know how uncomfortable it is if your undies don't fit - your toddler will be just as uncomfortable with ill-fitting underwear.

Let Your Toddler Help Choose Potty Training Pants:

Toddlers can learn to use the potty with any of these types of cloth potty training pants. Independence is a powerful motivator for toddlers since they love to feel grown up. You can help foster that sense of independence, and maybe generate some interest in potty training, by letting your toddler help choose the training pants he or she will wear. Whether you let your toddler pick the type of cloth training pants or just a pattern or color from several you've previewed, allowing a little input can go a long way.
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