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What is a Pre-Fold Cloth Diaper?


Question: What is a Pre-Fold Cloth Diaper?
Answer: Pre-folded cloth diapers, often referred to as pre-folds, are rectangular cloth diapers that are divided into three sections (left, middle, right). The left and right sections have two or more layers of fabric, while the middle section has four or more layers. While the number of fabric layers varies by brand, all pre-folds have the thickest layer in the middle, where the absorbency is needed the most.

Pre-fold cloth diapers are often the least expensive cloth diapering option. However, since there is no waterproof layer, you will need to buy waterproof diaper covers to minimize leaks. Pre-folds do not have built-in closures, either, so you will need diaper pin or some other diaper fastener.

When you're shopping for pre-fold cloth diapers, you can tell how many absorbent layers are in each section of the diaper by looking for a set of numbers like this - 4-8-4. Each number in the series represents the number of fabric layers in the left, middle and right sections. The more layers, the more absorbent the diaper.
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