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Before You Buy a Toddler Potty Training Chair


Potty training can be both amusing and frustrating for parents and toddlers. Sometimes, toddler potty chair will help speed the potty training process up a bit. One size doesn't fit everyone when it comes to potties, though. Here's how to choose a potty chair that works for you and your toddler.

Toddler Potties Can Be Fancy or Simple

Potty chairs have come a long way in recent years. Some are rigged up with lights or sounds to reward your toddler when he or she makes a deposit, and even the aesthetics vary from colorful character potties to simple white plastic. Your toddler doesn't necessarily need the lights and sounds, but for some toddlers, those things are very motivating. If your child is more motivated by a favorite character, try to find a potty chair with that theme, or buy a basic potty and use small treats or other favorite items as a reward.

A Stand-Alone Potty Chair May Not Be Necessary

Some parents prefer to start potty training on a low, stand-alone potty, but it's not required to do it that way. Toddler-sized toilet seat inserts are available that allow a toddler to sit comfortably on a regular toilet to learn to use the potty. These are also available in colorful character models or plain styles, but generally don't have the lights and sounds options. If you go this route, you won't have to empty a potty chair after potty successes, just flush it away. Your toddler will likely need a step-stool in order to reach the big potty, though, and some toddlers are intimidated by the adult-sized toilet.

Does The Potty Chair Fit Your Toddler?

For the most part, it's not hard to find a potty chair that fits your toddler. If your toddler is on the very small side or is at the top of the growth charts, though, you may want to do some additional investigating while in the store to be sure your child won't be falling into the potty or have a hard time being comfortable on it. Potty training involves a lot of sitting, so make sure it's comfy for your toddler!

Ease of Use for Parents

If you choose a stand-alone potty, check out the mechanism for emptying the potty after your toddler makes a deposit. Is it easy to remove the mess and clean the potty? You'll be doing this (hopefully) several times a day inn the near future, so be sure you don't have to tug on tight-fitting doors or wrestle with any difficult pieces, or additional messes may result.

Let Your Toddler Help Choose the Potty

Potty training often involves a control struggle between toddlers and parents. You can help your toddler feel in control of the situation, and hopefully help potty training go faster, by allowing your toddler to choose his or her favorite potty at the store. Even if your toddler chooses the most expensive, flashy potty chair, it may be worth the money to you if he or she trains faster and you can skip daytime diapers sooner! Best of all, your toddler will feel very grown up and part of family decisions, which usually makes for a happy little girl or boy.

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